Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Not wanting to take pictures of myself or any part of me for this prompt I searched around the house for some inspiration. The roots of this orchid are very wrinkled.  Orchids actually have roots that are outside the pot which make them look even more exotic.  A few years back HWNSNBP and I went to an orchid show.  We had, at that time, maybe one or two orchid plants and were very new to the do's and don'ts of raising them.  For instance, were those roots supposed to be outside the pot? HWNSNBP asked one of the vendors if we should cut them off and her apalled response was "Noooooooo. Would you cut off one of your fingers?"  So there is no root cutting in this house.

Some softer wrinkles were found in this tissue paper that came in a gift bag.  It's the palest shade of blue and I'll smooth it out as much as I can with my hands, fold it, and it will be added to my stash of tissue paper. Because of course you know I save it.  I don't go as far as my cousin who irons it though. I've only recently gotten things like tissue paper, gift bags, and bubble wrap sorted and stored away in see-through containers in our front closet.  It will be a very long time before I need to actually purchase any of those things, but knowing my fondness for pretty paper things, I'm sure I will be adding new ones to the collection of new and used.

My celebration today was waiting for me on my desk when I got into work.  We had another delayed opening due to the weather and some of the teachers were in early anyway.  This comes from one of our 4th grade teacher's whose daughter just celebrated her birthday.  Can you tell what the theme of her party was?  Yesterday he showed us a picture of the cake their neighbor made for the party and he brought in the leftovers from the party for the staff.  This is always a good way to get rid of party leftovers - to leave them in the faculty room.  Someone is always hungry and it always goes!

We're awaiting another snow event this evening into late tomorrow.  We're in the 3-8" belt right now, but you know you can't count on the forecast.  I did my "spinning in my desk chair with my snow wands" thing today at work, consulted my crystal ball (thank you Rachel), and predicted a snow day tomorrow.  That would be good news.  I'm never at a loss for things to do at home.

I promised my Jingle Belle card today and it is actually done but I'm just feeling a little too tired to do another post this evening so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

What did you celebrate today?

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  1. Doesn't everyone save tissue paper? This post made me laugh . . . hope the snowstorm isn't too bad - but hope you get a snow day.


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