Thursday, March 5, 2015

Photo Challenge - SIMPLE

My SIMPLE Snow Day Snack of fresh baked chocolate chip cookie (yes, only one) and mug of chai tea on my new-this-year plain white square everyday dishes.

Yes, we had another snow day today.  There's 5-6 inches out there already and it looks like it'll be snowing for another 2-3 hours more.  The temps are dropping and the Road Department sent out an e-blast that driving conditions are very hazardous so we're staying put for the evening.

When the kids were in school it was our tradition to bake chocolate chip cookies on snow days. There was even one time when I didn't have any eggs and it was pre-internet so I had to be inventive and used mayonnaise in place of the eggs and some of the shortening.  They didn't turn out too badly. 

Today, after I made HWNSNBP and myself omelets for lunch, I realized that I was down to one egg and the recipe on the bag of chips called for two.  I had inadvertently left the bag of chips on the counter next to my mini crockpot when it was on and melted half the bag of chips the day they came home from the grocery store.  I had thrown it into the refrigerator to solidify the melted chocolate and wound up with only about half the bag as usable chips.  So I halved the recipe and left out the nuts per his request.  I put that glob of solid chocolate aside to use for something else in the future.

So this is my little celebration for today.  I'll take the rest of the cookies to work with me tomorrow - if we have school.


  1. The cookie looks O so tasty. I love the serious birdie on the cup!

  2. We also made cookies on snow days when I was growing up. Cute coffee mug!


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