Sunday, March 1, 2015

Welcome March

This is a card by Dixie of Arranged Words that I won during the Grow Your Blog Event
Thank you Dixie!
It's March and I hear the wind blowing
Sometimes it whistles a tune.
It tells us cold weather is going
And Spring will be here very soon.  

Those are the words to a song I learned in elementary school eons ago.  Funny how there are those things that you take with you all your life for no particular reason.  We tease my youngest brother with the lines

 "Too bad, too bad.  
Not a blossom in time for Spring.  
Not a sign of life anywhere." 

from a school play he was part of when he was probably about 5 or 6.  All of us, my two sisters and other brother, were responsible for getting him to memorize his lines and we all knew them by heart. Funny thing is today we're the one's that remember them and he doesn't.  

But the theme of them both is Spring and oh, how I am looking forward to Spring.  There are many reasons - the re-awakening of Mother Nature, the warmer weather, the ability to get outside and walk without worrying about snow or ice.  

March is also a celebration month for me and I plan to celebrate every day in some way.  Today, Sunday the 1st as I am writing this before midnight, I celebrated National Pig Day (see my previous post).  I also started a photo-a-day challenge.  Today's prompt is YOUNG.  And tomorrow's is OLD. So I chose to compare the young and old stages of two African Violets that I currently have blooming.

There is so much promise in a youthful blossom, yet there is still beauty to be found in the old as it gives up it's splendor.  The circle of life - something to celebrate as we transition into a new season of growth. 

It's March and I hear the wind blowing........................


  1. I'm glad the card arrived and wasn't bent in the process.
    You are most welcome, Lorraine!
    The poem certainly does signify spring's promise. Ah, spring...I can hardly wait. I hope it's early.

  2. The card by Dixie is so pretty and reminds me that Spring is just around the corner :) Happy Monday to you. Hugs!

  3. Oh gosh - you couldn't have won a more suitable card - how perfect! I love the African violet bud especially - that big fat round bud is full of promise.

  4. Beautiful card.
    Love the "brother" story
    Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comment


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