Sunday, March 15, 2015

IN THE PAST - Tie Inspiration

A few summers ago, HWNSNBP was working in the front yard and came across this horseshoe partially sticking out of the soil.  We assume that it had been there for many, many years when there might have been farms in the area and people got around on horseback.  Or perhaps the people that lived here before us - we've been here for more than 30 years - played horseshoes in the front yard. In any case it came from THE PAST.

And speaking of the past, it was in January, when I was still home from work that I snapped this picture of Michael Strahan, or more specifically, his tie.  I loved the colors and thought that it would be a great inspiration for a card.

And as my boss's birthday is approaching I used the colors and pattern to make his card.

I punched those squares out with a 3/4" punch and then ran them through my Xyron to make them stickers.  I took a sheet of copy paper and started laying them down as close to the pattern in the picture as I could.  I trimmed the edges and then adhered it to the card base.  I still love those colors!


  1. It made my day that you not only got your inspiration from that tie . . . but that you took a picture of it!!!

  2. LOVE this card....what an awesome masculine card and a very cool creation! You are so clever! Love the horseshoe too! My brother's driveway (which is along the edge of our family's farm property---150 years worth of Mackeys living there) has a tree along the side, with a piece of barbed wire growing through it. It cracks me up every time I see it. Obviously there used to be a fence row there and the tree just grew around it! Cool to see things from the past!

  3. WOW! your card turned out fantastic! LOVE the design and the colors. Cleve of you to take a picture of his tie, and turn it into a card. I really like this.


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