Monday, March 23, 2015


ON MY MIND today, and sorry to be so serious, drug allergies.  I had a reaction to a new medication yesterday, something I have actually taken before but now at a larger dosage.  It didn't require emergency services, but I did break out in hives on my face, neck and shoulders.  I knew enough not to take the second pill yesterday and today there is less but still some evidence of a reaction.  

All this because of some new neck and shoulder pain which has been driving me crazy for the last 3 weeks.  I kept putting off doing anything about it because "it will go away in time".  But last Monday I couldn't take it anymore and made my appointment with my spine doctor.  More meds, more PT, more tests................. and this was supposed to be a better year.  

Well the good news is that the medication was helping, so if we can find something similar then maybe this won't drag on.  Tomorrow I start PT yet again.  That will put a dent in my free time and I was just getting into a good groove up in the stamp cave.  

Anyhoo, in the picture above is the origami tulip I first tried out with kraft paper.  The tip is kind of smooshy because of the bulkiness.  And on the bottom is a new pouch that I picked up this weekend for my travel zentangle kit.  I thought the cork facing was cool.  I hope it holds up.  


  1. love these origami tulips . . . still have to try making some. I hope you get feeling better.

  2. I can empathize with your frustration and do hope you are doing much better by now and that they find something similar that helps your pain. I love your tulip


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