Saturday, March 21, 2015

LINES and Loons and a Little More

 Rope LINES on a fishing boat.

Looking through the LINES of a fence and a dried up vine spying on two friends basking in the sun.

LINES and pulleys on another fishing vessel.  

And the loon in the Barnegat inlet.



Dive, Dive, Dive!

Coming up this time empty-beaked.

Two friends sharing lunch. 

 Go ahead it's your turn.

Okay, you've had enough. My turn now.

Just look at those two.  Sharing lunch again.  I think they make a cute couple don't you?

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  1. Love those "lines", but even more, the loons.Here, for pretty obvious reasons, they are called divers. I don't recall see them around here, but we see them when we go over to the West. The gulls look as if they are sharing in remarkably amicable fashion.


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