Monday, March 16, 2015


Today's lunch - HAPPY face fries.  Well, they really call them Smiley Face fries but they look HAPPY don't they?  Or does this make them look HAPPIER with their ketchup smiles?

I was so HAPPY this morning when I looked over my shoulder as I was doing my stationary bike and saw this sunrise unfolding through the trees.  I've been following a photographer from down the shore area who takes and shares spectacular sunrise and sunset shots on Facebook and can't wait to see what will be posted tonight.  If it was this beautiful here I can only imagine what it looked like over the ocean or the bay.  

Another thing that made me HAPPY today was sending this card that I finished yesterday off to a friend.  I was attempting to organize some of the stuff on my craft table this weekend and what you see is made up of all leftover parts not used on past cards.  The card served double-duty as the person I sent it to just returned to work after being out for awhile and I realized that while I was out of work earlier this year, I missed her birthday.  So I attached this to one of those gourmet chocolate bars and wrapped the whole thing in tissue paper and was able to send it interoffice mail.  That was much easier than trying to mail it USPS with all the dimensional flowers.

I've got a couple other "leftover" cards to share later this week.

What made you HAPPY today?  I'd love to hear.

P.S. - I'm also HAPPY that the new season of "Dancing With the Stars" starts tonight!

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  1. Great pic of the sunrise through the trees,
    I love the card! So very nice.


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