Tuesday, March 31, 2015

ME - (long)

Born March 31, 1955 - 60 years ago.

My Christening - Left to right, my paternal grandmother (who passed away before I was a year old), my Godmother holding me, my maternal grandmother, my Godfather

We lived in the upstairs apartment of my maternal grandparents' home.  There was a row of azaleas my grandfather planted on the property line.  Many family pictures were taken with these azaleas as the backdrop.

My mother and me in the kitchen.

My parents often took us to a park in the town my father grew up in where there was a tiny "zoo" of sorts.  They had a smattering of animals in cages and you could feed them.  I always loved the peacocks (and have secretly always wanted one).

My grandmother worked at a sewing factory and both she and my mother made many of our clothes.  Having two sisters and not having much money it was a very economical skill to have.  

My mother made my communion dress and I remember it was eyelet fabric.  I also remember that someone put a flashlight on top of the dress that was sitting atop the washing machine waiting to be washed and the battery leaked all over the dress and it was ruined.  

Another costume that my mother made for a school play.  Under the tulle skirt were petals of fabric.  The fabric itself was a very pale lavender grey that had a bit of a sheen to it. 

As a preteen visiting relatives at the beach.

My Godmother took us (my sisters and I) to Atlantic City - the Steel Pier - when I was in high school and she made me get my picture taken at this photo place that had these props.  I don't think my parents were too happy when they saw this.

High school senior year - I was the captain of the drill team and got to wear that "gorgeous" gold jumper.  These were new uniforms that year having replaced some pretty cool cowgirl outfits (our mascot was the Mustang).  I always secretly preferred the cowgirl outfits.

And here's a big jump to our wedding day - Thad and I.  (Yes dear - I published your name, or at least the one I use for you!) 

I haven't changed much, have I?

Thanks for bearing with me through the photo challenge this month.


  1. Happy Birthday again. What a fun post!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing all those photos - what a wonderful trip through your life. I especially love the wedding photo, and the two dress ones. My mother made most of our clothes too - she used a lot of curtain fabric for wear-and-tearability, but for our birthdays every year my sister and I got really pretty dresses.
    You don't really want a peacock - even when you know they are around, the noise is quite alarming.

  3. Love all the photos!!!!!! Happy birthday!!!!! Hope your day was incredibly special and hope this year is filled with love, health, happiness and TONS if creativity!!!!!!! Xoxoxo!!!!

  4. Wonderful photos! The wedding pic is fabulous. Happiness is written all over it!
    Lovely hand made clothes.
    Happy belated birthday!


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