Friday, July 13, 2018

ICAD 2018 - 36-42/61

This week's prompts all begin with the letter P

36/61 - Pretzel
I wouldn't know about such things but it was fun to imagine little pretzel butterflies flitting about.

KOI watercolors, Zig brush markers, and Micron pen

37/61 - Poetry
This is only one verse, the last, from the e. e. cummings poem "i am" that I came across in high school and has always stuck in my head.  Don't ask me what it means because I think it has multiple meanings for me as I've grown older.

Stabilo and Pentel markers for colors, gel pen and Micron for writing

38/61 - Palette
My Cousin Janis posted a photo of this Lily in her garden the day of this prompt so I decided to do this card as a Nature Journal entry showing the palette

Zig brush markers, Posca paint pens, Micron marker

39/61 - Pixellated
The colored squares and rectangles were cut from an index card that I was using to audition my Magic pencils to which I added squares and rectangles with markers.  I glued a piece of origami paper to the index card as my background and then added the cut up "pixels" on top.

Origami paper and audition card

40/61 - Pinball ~ a variety of Globe Amaranth (straw flowers)
I went through a lot of "auditioning" to find an implement with the color of those flowers and finally remembered my Derwent Inktense pencils.  What was that old commercial that said "Shakes out white and turns blue"?  Well, the color change is not that drastic but there is an intensity that happens with these pencils when you activate them with water.  I am fairly thrilled with how this one came out and might try to duplicate it on a better grade of paper to frame for my desk at work. 

Derwent Inktense pencils

41/61 - Portrait
Kirby - our cockatiel.  Based on a picture that I took of him a few years back just before he tried to bite the cell phone camera as it came toward him.

Fantasia watercolor pencils with and without water

42/61 - Plate
I know I could have drawn a very elaborate china plate or home plate but you know I sometimes like to touch on the more obscure.  A turtle's shell is made up of plates that are called scutes.  And I've included a little video below of a little boy and a turtle.

Derwent Inktense pencils

Mini Scrap Collages 162-168/365

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Jingle Belles - Stars and/or Stripes AND Scribble Picnic - STARS

Woohoo! I don't usually do a card for Scribble Picnic, but as the themes this fortnight was the same as Jingle Belles it seemed written in the STARS. 
When I saw the theme for Jingle Belles I thought I remembered having recently purchasing a star die with a scene in it.  But not being able to put my fingers on it quickly, and with time running out, I decided to go with another die, or dies.  I used my SU layered star, along with a Hero Arts star ornament die, and I'll have to look up that twig wreath die if you need to know.   The stamps on the top star and the sentiment also go along with the Hero Arts set.   
I wanted to stay away from a brown twiggy wreath and luckily found a matte gold piece of a fancy pastry box I had in my recycling stash.  The sentiment is embossed in gold and the secret I will divulge here is that it is covering the hole in the star point that makes that star an ornament. 
I've been in a card-making funk lately with some rather uninspired designs, but I'm very happy with this one.  Despite it having 6 layers, it came together pretty easily if you don't count the time I spent frantically searching for that little sentiment stamp which had attached itself to the die package.  HWNSNBP came up to ask me something whilst I was looking for it and quickly exited the room after asking me what I was doing.  But the good news was, while I was searching for that I found the new star die!  Well, maybe I might have time for one more Jingle Belle Star card.
In the meantime, I hope the Picnickers don't mind me sharing this at the picnic this week.  I'll come back to add the link to Scribble Picnic so you can visit along with me.  But now I need to see all the Stars and/or Strips over at Jingle Belles.
Edited to add the link to Scribble Picnic.  And next week the theme is HOT DOG. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

ICAD 2018 - 29-35/61

29/61 - Patisserie
I used my KOH-I-NOOR Magic Colored pencils to make the swirled tops of, let's say, cupcakes.

30/61 - Playing Card or Tarot Card
So, Go Fish is a card game, right?

Watercolor and Prismacolor pencils, Micron pen

31/61 - Curtain
With my apologies to Carol Burnett.  Her hilarious sketch based on the scene in Gone With the Wind where Scarlet O'Hara has a new dress made from the green velvet drapes.  This dress/costume was designed by Bob Mackie (complete with the drapery rod).

Prismacolor pencils, Micron pen

32/61 - Compass
Not quite a snowflake, but closer to a dandelion seed cluster, with the cardinal points.

Zig Brush Pens, gel pen, Posca paint pen

33/61 - Blue
I have something similar to this in one of my art journals.  It was fun the first time and still fun the second.  The quote is from one of the books in the Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery.  There are some very good quotes in her works.  

KOI watercolors, blue ballpoint pen

34/61 - Picnic
I don't know what possessed me.  Drinking ice tea too late at night perhaps.  The picnic basket is woven from the strips of one index card and it's attached to the background of another.  

Zig Brush Markers, tape, glue

35/61 - Mosaic
Fun but not so easy.  It's much easier to smash plates into pieces.  I used an audition card for the "tiles".  Flowers that I had practiced for a previous card became flowers of another kind here.  Once they were glued down I used an Exacto knife to cut away the spaces in between.  Then I glue the whole of it to the green cardstock.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

End of June in Photos

The end of the school year is so hectic for us in the office as well as in the classrooms.  The teachers have their end-of-year checklist in addition to trying to maintain order when the students have had enough of school already.  This makes for testy times all around.  We have some, what I call "frequent flyers" that wind up in the office after pushing their teacher to their limit of patience.  So we get extra discipline issues, frazzled teachers and to top off our end-of-year checklist of things that have to get done, there are the class parties and picnics, and staff kickball game, and field day which account for parents in and out of the building, all funneling through the office.  

We do usually get little acknowledgements from some of the students, particularly our 5th graders who are leaving the school, like bakery treats, notepads, travel cups and such.  This year one mom brought us this "Survival Kit" just for the office staff.  

Along with a lovely written thank you note, it contained the "recipe" for this bowl of goodies.  Mints to keep our cool, aspirin for headaches, band-aids for paper cuts, circus animal crackers for minding the 3-ring circus, tissues for good-by tears, etc.  

And my indulgence this time of year - Ranier cherries.

I also treated myself to an end-of-year gift - KOH-I-NOOR Magic Colored Pencils.  The leads are mixed and the pencils are triangular.  Now I just have to figure out how to sharpen them.

We had to shut down the bluebird box in the garden because some House Sparrows invaded the territory and were fighting with the blues.  House Sparrows will kill Bluebirds over nesting space.  That is why we chose to shut down that box.  But HWNSNBP had another box in the garage and we had a pole very near to the house that used to have a very elaborate bird feeder that HWNSNBP made on it.  Sadly, the squirrels had decided to chew that feeder up but we never removed the pole so he put the new box on it.  Within a few days there was interest and now there are 4 eggs in there.  

This is Papa Blue keeping an eye on the box while Mama Blue incubates the eggs.  

At the condo some of our neighbors have a hummingbird feeder that is pretty active at dawn and dusk.  I doubt that I'll be getting any morning pictures, but I was able to snap some one evening. I have not truly identified what kind they are so I won't add that here.  They are very fast and the coloring is very similar for a couple of species.  

Sunset in the back.......

later a moonrise over the water (sans tripod).......

And then in the back again from another angle.

And we got to spend some time with the little guy.  Here Papa is showing him the picture he took of what he found inside the nest box they have in their yard.  It appears to be baby birds, but we're not sure what kind.  

Saturday, June 30, 2018

ICAD 2018 - 22-28/61

This week seemed to be a little more abstract.

22/61 - Sky
HWNSNBP had come in at dusk and remarked about the number of lightning bugs, aka fireflies, that were out and so I stepped out and tried to take a picture of them but was unsuccessful.  This is sky through the trees with lightning bug trails.

Mermaid markers and gel pen

23/61 - Castle
Every castle has turrets and a sand castle should probably have turret shells.

Colored pencils and Micron pen

24/61 - Jetsons
So I decided to do a 3-D of Rosie the robot maid the Jetsons had.  I used scraps of card stock and a couple of daisy die cuts for her hat, collar, and apron.  She is stapled to the index card.

Mermaid marker background and cardstock scraps

25/61 - Tangerine
A very abstract interpretation of the segments of a tangerine.

Mermaid marker, Zig brush marker, ballpoint pen

26/61 - Meerkat (Not) 
So I thought I'd use that gem shape again (or the card that I had started with it) to make into meerkat faces and that was just not turning out.  So I opted to make them into colorful pods instead.

Zig brush markers, Micron pen

27/61 - Magic Carpet
This card is completely covered with woven washi tape.  I worked on a teflon mat which made it easy to set and lift the washi tape as I wove it.

28/61 - Garden
We don't have any lupines in our garden but we have had a comeback of the daylilies that the deer have decimated in the past.  

Watercolor pencils and Prima watercolors