Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Scribble Picnic - BOTTLE

This fortnight Michael has given us the theme of BOTTLE.  It happens that tomorrow's prompt for Inktober is also bottle so again I'm squeezing the two together.  (If you want to see my latest Inktober post click here.)

Who remembers Chianti bottles with dripping candles in Italian restaurants?  I think initially there were only white candles but during the color explosion of the 60's and 70's you could get candles that dripped in many colors.  I was very surprised to see that you can still get these candles on Etsy and Ebay.  I guess I really shouldn't be surprised about that, there's a lot of nostalgic items out there.  

The candle in the bottle looked so lonely there that I added the checkered tablecloth-like background which I kind of regret.  But it will have to do for now.  

So, let's scoot over to Michael MacVean's place on Dotty Hill to check in with the other picnickers.  Won't you join us?  And should you like to give it a try, the theme for 10/30 is JOLT or DOUBLE.

Inktober 2018 Days 4-17

My camera/phone is being a pain in the neck lately.  Or maybe it's my computer.  In any case, when I go to download my photos, it picks and chooses which, if any it's going to transfer to the computer.  The only way I've found around this is to duplicate each photo and then the darn thing imports both.  So there's a lot of duplicating and deleting going on.   

Sorry for this long, photo heavy post.  I'll try to break up the rest of the month in smaller posts.

Day 4 - SPELL 
Hocus Pocus (I'm really liking that font. Need more practice.)

I saw this garden rooster (in color) for sale on Wayfair.  Too bad they wanted $249 for it!

Day 6 - DROOLING (off prompt) 
 2 colors, 2 shapes, 2 lines

Ball point pens tried to achieve the transparency of the leaves.

Day 8 - STAR
Inspired by the song from Sly and the Family Stone - Everybody is a Star

Day 9 - PRECIOUS (off prompt)
I may go back and watercolor this and the rooster.

Day 10 - FLOWING
This is the wind map of Hurricane Florence showing the directional flow and intensity of the winds.

Day 11 - CRUEL (off prompt)
This was inspired by the needlework art of Vera Shimunia.  

Day 12 - WHALE
This puffin is whale watching from the rocks.

Day 13 - GUARDED (off prompt)
Inspired by the dahlias that HWNSNBP has grown this summer and are now fully in bloom.

Day 14 - CLOCK
My grandparents, who lived downstairs from us when I was a child, had an anniversary clock on top of their TV console which always fascinated me.

Day 15 - WEAK (off prompt)
Don't you just love magenta red trees in the fall!

Day 16 - ANGULAR
This maple leave is very angular I think.

Day 17 - SWOLLEN
This Cianti bottle is swollen with colorful wax reminiscent of Italian restaurant decor of long ago.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

One More Pink Christmas for the Cure - Jingle Belles

One of the more recent Unity Kits of the Month contained this lovely ornament and I pictured it in pink so I thought I'd better hurry up and get this card done for the Jingle Belles Pink Christmas Challenge.  

Kudos to Lauren and Stephanie for once again hosting this challenge for such a worthy cause.  Read more about it here.  Jingle Belles definitely ROCK!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Get Well for the Little Guy and an Anniversary

Our  little guy had a little procedure recently so I made him a couple of cards.  I just loved this little dinosaur stamp because it reminded me of his costume from Halloween last year.  

This pig stamp is interactive, though it's probably still a little hard for his little hands to figure out. The wings flap when you pull the tab.  (Of course you know I had to have this flying pig!)

His mom sent us this little video of him.  He melts my heart.  (And yes, we're currently grandpa grandpa.)

Shortly after that our son and daughter-in-law celebrated their 6th anniversary.  I played around with some Color Burst powders and used them with this new leaf die that I recently got.  Paired that with the bow die which has longer tails that actually end in snowflakes, but I cut it down and replaced the snowflakes with 6 hearts.  

I did one more card with that leaf but sadly, it was a sympathy card.  

Sunday, October 7, 2018

World Card Making Day and Jingle Belles Pink Christmas

Yes, yesterday was World Cardmaking Day and we spent the better part of the day away from home at the Kite Festival (separate post).  But we managed to get back with enough time for me to get these two done before the Yankee game started last night.  I just ran out of energy to get these posted yesterday.  

Each October Lauren and Stephanie - the fabulous Jingle Belles - challenge us to use Pink in our Christmas cards.  For each card that is linked up they each donate $2 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Pretty cool, eh!  And although you might not first think of pink as a Christmas color, there have really been some stunners over the years.  I love this challenge.  And I love Stephanie and Lauren for doing this.

I recently purchased a roll of clear double sided adhesive from specifically to use with delicate dies.  I love it!  I got the 81 ft. roll of 6" adhesive on sale for a great price and I believe that it is on sale again this weekend.  I've been cutting a piece of cardstock to the size of the die I'm using and then unroll the roll a little to stick the cardstock down before I cut just that piece out.  (I would recommend using a pair of teflon scissors for this if you have them.)  Then I roll the adhesive-backed cardstock through my Big Shot with the die.  You may have to roll back and forth if the die is really delicate, or use a metal plate.  The backing peels off so nicely and there's no rushing to add glue to the die cut or smushing of glue when you place it on your creation.  I do have a suggestion about those tiny tittles over the i's - don't pop them out of the die.  Instead, carefully remove the the backing while it's still in the die and then place the die over the word where it should be and use a needle tool or tweezer to press the tittle in place.  I learned this after I lost the first tittle and had to use the little push out piece from the y in Merry.  

Now, if you're ready to be dazzled by some Pink Christmas beauties join my by clicking here.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

National Homemade Cookie Day - Cookie Fest I

I really like to print out the calendar from Daily Holiday Blog.  Usually I print out two of them.  One for home and one for school.  As I look it over just before the new month starts, I like to write down the holidays that would be easy to celebrate.  As I was doing this last week, I had an idea about the first day - National Homemade Cookie Day.  I sent an e-mail out to the school staff and invited them to bring in homemade cookies on Monday for a "Cookie Fest".  In the e-mail I suggested just bringing in a couple dozen, and freezing the rest of the batter for the upcoming holidays or to have for company.  Then, with the permission of our principal, I also added that anyone who didn't bake was welcome to sample by making a small donation.  Any money collected would be put aside for our students who are on our Free/Reduced lunch list for items that they might need during the school year.  It was so well received - 18 people signed up to bake. 

Someone suggested bring the recipes too.

I decided to make Pizzelles.  It's been more than a year since I'd made them.  The recipe is simple, it's just time consuming to bake them 2 at a time in the press.  And contrary to what I had suggested, I brought the whole batch in.  

In my head I pictured the tables set up with fall decorations and tiers of cookies.  That didn't get out of my head.  I did find a bucket at home and made a sign to put in it.  And my eyes happened to fall upon the recycled fall paper wreath I made several years ago.  The bucket fit perfectly into it, so that became the only decoration that we had.  (picture taken at home)

I was so set on getting my cookies done early on Sunday that I forgot to pick up plates and napkins, but I had a good stash of various plates and napkins at home that I was able to put in another basket to bring in and there was plenty.  Those that baked got first dibs first thing in the morning. Some of the teachers even brought in a separate container to use for stocking up.  All-in-all it was very successful for a last minute thought.  And we actually collected about $30 throughout the day.  

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Inktober/Scribble Picnic

I'm including my Scribble Picnic Chicken in this post introducing my Inktober for 2018.  (Picnicker's - if you want to scroll to the end, feel free.)  

I was reading a post on a blog recently where the author had done a review of a product called Zen Pink Pig Sketchbooks.  The review was good and those pigs on the inside tissue liner were a big selling point for me.  Don't they look like they're flying?  So I partook of some retail therapy and ordered myself this little sketchbook with a royal blue handmade paper-covered cover from Amazon and it came just in time for me to use for Inktober as there are more than enough sheets in there for the entire month.  

I'm not committing to following the prompts for Inktober.  It's nice to have them, but I'm choosing to be flexible about it.  If an idea comes easy enough for the prompt I'll use it, otherwise I'm going to rely on whatever comes easily to me.  

On Day 1 I made reference to some of the names that are currently flying around about October.  The tv weatherman that we watch has also given it the moniker of Warmtober because we're experiencing unusually warm temps.  

Day 2 - Tranquil
We probably did our last fishing from the dock last Saturday and the water there was the inspiration for this.  Even though there are people around us, there is a tranquility in standing with the fishing rod in your hand, the light wind blowing in your face, and watching the bobber pitch and bob with the waves.  It's almost mesmerizing to see the fractals the water makes.  I'll miss it until next summer.   

Day 3 - Roasted.
So this is where I married the challenges of Scribble Picnic Chicken and Inktober Roasted.  I suppose I could have drawn a chicken on a spit, but this chicken was so pretty that I didn't want to kill her.  Er, him.  Chicken to Rooster to Roasted - reminds me of one of those word games we used to play.  Or you could say that I'm too Chicken to Roast this Rooster.  

Time to head over to the picnic and check out all the other chicks, er CHICKENS.  Won't you join my by clicking here.  The next theme is BOTTLE and is due 10/17.  We'd love to have you play along.