Monday, May 10, 2021

The100DayProject - Final 9

 I'll have a wrap-up post coming tomorrow.  Right now, here are the last nine of the tags.

Not a horse - an alpaca.

A paisley inspired bird.

Snail shells.

Bargello or the inside of a hot air balloon.

This is inspired by the phenomenon called "the glory" - where a rainbow appears around an object when the light is just right in the fog.  

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mother's Day


I'm wishing a happy Mother's Day to all the women in my life.  I've seen a few articles/posts lately that say that Mother's Day is offensive to those that are not actually mothers and though I don't fall into that category I would hope that that's not the case.  Mother's Day is a day that we honor the women who nurture us, support us, guide us, love us and not just the woman who gave birth to us.  There are so many women in my life that have importance in ways that my mother does not.  I am not downplaying her role either though.  I know that my mother, who gave me four siblings, made the best world for me and my sisters and brothers that she could and I love her for it.  

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Jingle Belles - Gift Cards

This fortnight the Jingle Belles asked us to create cards that doubled as gift card holders.  Truth be told gift card holders are one of the things I wind up doing last minute.  I think it depends on who and what kind of gift cards we're going to need.  Well, I know that we usually give a gift card to Dunkin' Donuts to the mailperson so I went about thinking of ideas.  I remembered having an Ellen Hutson die that has somewhat of a zippered compartment that would be pretty simple to decorate.  I tried to stick to a simple decorating scheme since the top of this card get's pulled off to get to what's inside.

Here is the backside of the front panel where I hope you can see the perforations around the edge where the panel will be pulled off.  I cut a thin piece of cardstock and attached it to the back with the other end protruding through to the front so the received might have a clue as to how to open it.  I will add a note that I precreased all those perforations, in all directions so that it would be easier for the paper to tear away.  

Here is the tab I added.  I know I have a stamp set with pre-printed directions like "Pull Here" and such which I'll have to search for.  But if I don't readily find it, I can always hand print it on the tab.

I used double-sided tape to adhere the front panel to the backing but I purposely left the side of the tab opened for now so that I will be able to insert the card when it is purchase.  I'll just have to pull the backing off the tape and it will be sealed.

And since I had all the ingredients out, I made another one and now I'm glad I did because I'm thinking that I usually also give my hairdresser a little extra something at the holidays.

So now I'm off to check out the other gift cards for this Jingle Belle challenge.  You can join me by clicking here.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Happy 2nd Birthday

This little guy loves his cars and trucks.  And in particular, he loves the Cars movie.  So it was only right that he had a car-themed birthday.  I found a card on Pinterest by Annette Elias at De Kijkkast using the SU set Moving Along which I got recently.  I wanted to stick to primary colors for the most part but threw in the colorful circle dsp as well as some map dsp from my stash.  

He tells me to sit next to him at the table and he lines up the cars and we send them back and forth between us.  Over and over again.  Sometimes there are sound effects, sometimes he just studies the wheels going round.  

Birthday cupcakes - one of each flavor.

Of course you try to wear the pan on your head after all that sugar!

I see both his mother and father in him, but being born on my father's birthday it amazes me at how much he reminds me of him.  Happy Birthday Maverick!  Happy heavenly birthday dad!

Sunday, May 2, 2021

The100DayProject - Week 13 and Days 61-80 Recap - And a New Puzzle Done!

 I'm mushing all these things together today so I can get moving on some projects indoors and out.

I know I missed Autism Awareness Day at the beginning of April and thought that April was Autism Awareness Month but I've seen it listed as both April and October.  Anyhoo, here is my blue puzzle piece for Autism Awareness.

This is a bit of a fail for me. The bird's head/face is not really a good portrayal of the actual bird.  

This was actually inspired by an oil pastel drawing I had done on a trip to Cape Cod with my sister Karen and my mother after my sister Andrea passed away in 2002.  I was her replacement on the trip they had planned.  

This one is in honor of my two grandson's who both enjoy their cars and trucks.  This reminds me of the Tonka trucks that we bought for our son when he was a little boy.  They were the metal ones and we have passed some of them on to his son.  

I am a week behind on posting this photo of days 61-80.  This goes back to the first week in April and the reason I didn't get it sooner is because I've been working on something that was on top of the cutting matt since then.  I didn't remember, until today, that I have another smaller cutting matt that I could use for the photo.  You can tell this is an older, well-used one by the staining from previous projects.

The larger cutting matt was covered with the puzzle table.  My blogging buddy Sabrina sent me this puzzle for my birthday and I started it on the evening of Easter Sunday.  I have to say that this has been one of, if not the most challenging puzzles that I have done.   I usually start by doing the edge of the puzzle but this one is irregular so I had to rethink my approach and started by choosing areas of colors so I could pick out those pieces and get those areas done.  I did not realize how long and wide this was going to be.  As you can see, I had HWNSNBP give me a couple of extra pieces of the masonite top to lay on the top drawers while they were extended so I could fit the puzzle top to bottom.  I didn't know until I was finishing up the bottom last night that the puzzle would be wider than the puzzle table.  It's finished size is 38.5" x 26" (995 pieces).  

There were some hidden figures in the puzzle pieces like the salt shaker one pictured on the box, a couple of birds, and a couple of starfish.  Thank you Sabrina.  This brought me many hours of enjoyment over the last month.  I will keep it together for a few more days before boxing it up again.  

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The100DayProject - Week 12

 Not sure what kind of bird this is but I loved the colors.

While this may appear to be a pineapple of sorts, it was meant to be a plant in a pot on a table.

This was inspired by a photo I had taken some years ago of a row of sunflowers that lined the entrance road to a farm stand we visited.

This one is inspired by one of my bowling ball creations.  It's not as decorated as the actual one in our garden, but it's in better shape.  The real one is going to get a touch up soon.  I'll be sharing.

And this is a bell jar terrarium just in case it wasn't apparent.

Monday, April 26, 2021

April Birthdays

April is birthday heavy for us.   Since it's been such a lovely Spring I went with a lot of floral inspiration for the last couple of birthdays.


This one features a turnabout stamp for the back panel.  I liked it enough to send it but there was a lesson learned about color distribution.  With the turnabout stamp you stamp the same image 4 times rotating the stamp 90 degrees after changing the color.  I stamped the two greens and then the two pinks and I probably should have alternated them.   

And here is a "slimline" card that fits perfectly into a business size envelope for mailing.  I used some of my favorite shades of blue for the flowers.  There are four pieces to each of those flower heads.  This is where a good tweezer comes in handy!

This last one wasn't for a birthday, but rather a thank you for a friend who met me for coffee for my birthday last month.  I came across this stamp in my stash while looking for something else and thought it would be perfect.  


We have a few more birthdays coming up in May including our youngest grandson who will be turning 2 very soon.  We had a great visit with them at the condo this weekend.  He is very much into playing "cars" lining them up and watching the wheels.  And he had his first visit to the beach.  It was a little cooler and windy by the time we got there but he loved walking in the sand and would have walked right into the water if we let him.