Friday, September 25, 2015

An Assortment of Butterflies and Leaves

There are two celebrations in our family that occur back-to-back in September.  My mother's birthday and our anniversary.  I had been testing out some new art supplies - Brushos.  They are powders that react with water.  I spritzed a couple of sheets of watercolor paper with water and then sprinkled the powders on randomly.  Then I spritzed some more.  I kind of went crazy with the different colors. And so I wound up with two prospective backgrounds for cards.  

I used one of them on these two cards.  The first is the birthday card for my mom.  She loves butterflies and I happened to have an assortment of die cut butterflies waiting in the wing in an assortment of colors that just happened to match the colors in the background.  I first used a heart die to cut a heart shape into the the panel.  Then I just kept adding butterflies in the open heart.  

I saved the heart that I diecut and used it on my anniversary card for HWNSNBP.  I die cut leaves out of matching papers, glued them to the card base and then added the heart popped up.  

I'm really pleased with the way these came out.  I just love the bright colors.  

And speaking of bright colors - HWNSNBP sent me this beautiful floral arrangement in a pumpkin. It had some more beautiful sunflowers to match those in the vase that I had picked up over the weekend.  The colors of the flowers were very similar to colors of the dresses that our bridesmaids wore 38 years ago.  There were 4 of them in fall colors.  (And see my new scarecrow boy and girl solar dancers too!  The kids love them.)

The theme this week at Our Beautiful World is "Assorted" and I do have an assortment of butterflies, leaves, and flowers - all in beautiful colors to share over there this week.  Won't you check out what other "assortments" have been shared from, really, all over the world?  Click here.

I'll be back soon to share what I used the second background piece on.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Weekends and Workday Mess (Our Beautiful World)

Last Saturday HWNSNBP and I did some morning fishing off the dock across the street.  With virtually no wind, the water was mirror-like and the reflections of the clouds were awesome.  And then the sun made an appearance.  

The fish were biting but so were the midges and really put a damper on the occasion.  So we called it quits with three keepers below.

But don't let me forget to show you the "new" fish that HWNSNBP caught.  He pulled this beauty in and no one on the dock knew what it was.  In fact, the local bait and tackle shop couldn't even identify it.  It wasn't until he posted the picture on Facebook that we found out it's a young cobia.  Pretty fish.  It was released back to become a full size cobia some day.  Cobias, we learned, swim with remora sharks and are not really found this far north.  So you might say he has a lifer to add to his list of fish.  

Last night we literally almost ran over to the dock as soon as we got here to get some fishing in before the sun went down and boy, were we glad we did.  These cocktail blues put up quite a fight but these are the one's that didn't get away.  The largest being 13".  HWNSNBP cleaned them and all but two will be frozen and later taken to a friend who will smoke them for us.  

In between weekends - back at the ranch (well it's not really a ranch, it's a two story) - this is my mess of a workspace sad to say that I took a picture of for Our Beautiful World's theme this week of mess. I think I've got this one nailed, don't you.  I did tidy up a bit, after taking the picture, but there's not a very big improvement.  But this is how I work.  It's my space and no one see's it but me.  

On the other hand - here is my desk at work.  Another mess!  That's what happens the first couple of weeks of school when all the forms are turned in and all the new student folders (and we had a lot of them this summer) are awaiting records from other schools.  The pink and green folders you see are the homeroom folders that are sent up daily with notes and lunch payments.  I empty them and put them back in the teacher's mailboxes and they're back on my desk the next morning.  The side you don't see is a little less messy with my computer and what not.  And yes, there's even stuff underneath but not nearly as much as there used to be.  Thank goodness for the counter in front of me!

I'll save my last summer Saturday sunset for another post soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Snarky Birds and Some Observations

A combination of crazy birds and snarky sentiments.  

I used my Zig markers to color the birds.  I stamped 2 of each and just colored the parts to be die cut on the second one. Those pieces were popped up on the original bird.  

I added a little bit of background stamping in various colors behind the birds and then the sentiments.  HWNSNBP loved the birds but wondered who I would be able to send these cards to.  I told him to fear not, for there were peeps out there who would appreciate them (and they did!).  

Speaking of peeps, well of a different sort, birds that I'm still not sure of the variety.  I had noticed over the years, that while I was in the pool in the evening, there came a certain time when flocks of birds would fly over me from the SW to the NE.  Every night.  Sometimes they would make a brief stop in one of the trees in the yard and when they did, the sound of their simultaneous take-off was awesome.  Like a very loud whoosh.  Well I accidentally happened upon their next "stop-over" not too far from our house when I was trying to get a last glimpse of the sunset that night.  There's a little industrial park not too far away - one road with a cul-de-sac that's a little more elevated than our property and unfortunately the trees have grown so much that they obscured the sunset just about as much as our trees would have.  However, I happened to glance up and noting the time, I have to assume that these are the birds that regularly fly overhead in the evening.  They were very suspicious of me and my camera and there were tons more than you see in the picture.

I have no good segway to this next picture of two bracelets.  It just struck me as funny recently thinking about old things being new again.  The bracelet on the left is one of the current brands of these wire charm bracelets that Rachel gave me for Mother's Day.  The bracelet on the right - with my name on it - was given to me by my grandparents when I was very young (with much smaller wrists too I must add).  The design of the wire is the same except the older one adjusts on the back and the charms are added to the adjusting part on the newer ones.  Two beautiful and cherished gifts.

I had two other cards that I made last week for two anniversaries and being as rushed and tired as I've been the last couple of weeks getting ready for the start of school I totally forgot to photograph them before I mailed them.  It was more important to get them in the mail so the recipients would have them in time (which they hopefully did).  I used another new bird stamp for them and luckily colored a third set so I'll be able to share something like them soon.  

I've got to get back to regular posting soon.  Actually, I've got to get back to my creative routine also.  The start of school is a very busy time for me and I've been crashing when I get home these last two weeks.  But it's calming down a little so I should have a bit more energy soon.  

Friday, September 4, 2015

Our Beautiful World - Beads and Building

A peak through the back window to the backyard - what used to be half a basketball court at the top of the driveway.  This hanging ornament, wrapped in clear beads, was something I picked up on a Christmas clearance but liked it more as a window decoration than a tree ornament so I keep it up all year long.  It's about 4 1/2" across.  (The topic of Our Beautiful World this week is Beads.)

 That large turtle you see was found in the back of our shed that we recently tore down. I asked the kids if we should toss it or keep it and Rachel said to save it, so for now it's parked where you see it.  Because..............

We've started a construction project opposite this part of the driveway. Our driveway is like a large number 7 with the downstroke not so diagonal.  The part you see through the window is the start of the 7 and the free standing garage we are replacing is at the bend.  

This was the garage and shed before.  We were especially proud of the blue tarp doors (not). And we've planned for a long time to replace it.  (Trust me, the house is much nicer and the new garage will be beautiful.)

A picture below from last night with all the wood gone and the cement torn up.  This afternoon that was removed and the grading has started.  It's going to be so nice to finally have someplace to put the cars in bad weather and even though I'll still have to walk across the driveway when it snows, I won't have to (or rather I should say HWNSNBP won't have to) clean the car off.  

I have to admit that I've about had my fill of construction for the summer though.  Too much to deal with at work and now at home.  All the contents of the garage and shed are in a pod you don't see in the picture located directly behind the house between the two areas in the photos.  Not much to look at through my kitchen window as it obstructs my view.  So I'm hoping that the weather will hold and this project will not be dragged out like the door replacement at work which is still, as of today not done and students arrive on Tuesday. 

Yes, it's going to be a squeaker, but I'm not going to worry about any of this this weekend and try to enjoy the last 3 unofficial days of summer.                                                                              

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Great To See You - Have a Wonderful Year

Some baker's twine from the $Tree (6 spools for $2)......

Jumbo Paper Clips (from the supply room) and wiggly eyes (from my craft room)....

Index Cards (from the Supply Room) and Highlighters (also from the Supply Room)......

An Exacto Knife, Scissors, and Black Fine Tip Marker =

Paper Clip Bookmarks to welcome back the staff at school.  One for each mailbox.  Done while listening to those Saturday Night concerts on the dock across the street. (Inspired by Morena's Corner - spotted on Pinterest)