Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Great To See You - Have a Wonderful Year

Some baker's twine from the $Tree (6 spools for $2)......

Jumbo Paper Clips (from the supply room) and wiggly eyes (from my craft room)....

Index Cards (from the Supply Room) and Highlighters (also from the Supply Room)......

An Exacto Knife, Scissors, and Black Fine Tip Marker =

Paper Clip Bookmarks to welcome back the staff at school.  One for each mailbox.  Done while listening to those Saturday Night concerts on the dock across the street. (Inspired by Morena's Corner - spotted on Pinterest)


  1. What a thoughtful treat!

  2. Ha ha! These are so cute and funny - made me giggle:-)
    Well done Lorraine and thanks for sharing. I am sure all the recipients will love them!
    Sunshine, New Zealand

  3. What a cute idea! I'm sure that these thoughtful gifts will be appreciated!


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