Saturday, August 29, 2015

Our Beautiful World 8-29

How many steps does it take to make stairs?  Anything more than one step is considered stairs.  At least that's what I found on the internet.  So I think this should be stairs, though it's a step and a landing, in which case it would not be stairs.  Well, I wanted to find some pretty stairs this week for Our Beautiful World's prompt and it came down to this afternoon and, well, HWNSNBP told me I'd better "go for it" and take a picture of these stairs at the Manor House because we would be headed back home and this was my last chance.  

The Manor House is a house with all the rooms on the first floor being little shops.  Each room is maintained by a different vendor and they are all different.  There are antiques, candles, baby things, Vera Bradley, and other various gifties.  Today I purchased one of those armored wallets for myself.  But as you might be able to see by the scene on the porch they were having items on summer clearance both inside and out.  I usually manage to find at least one thing to buy when I'm there and today was no different.

Yesterday, we pulled up alongside a truck transporting these wooden forms.  I thought all those triangles looked very interesting and I was glad to be on the passenger side of our truck so I could snap a picture of it.  

The last of the pictures were taken this evening, probably within 45 minutes of each other.  The sun sets in the back of the condo and the moon rises over the bay.

I love how the moon leaves a pathway of light on the water visible even from across the street on our balcony.  We listened to "The Sounds of the 60's" tonight - the weekly Saturday night concert on the dock.  It's easy to sing along to the songs of that era.


  1. Manor House looks like a quaint place and one I'd love to visit, since I love antiques. Your balcony sounds amazing too, with the pretty sites and fun music. Blessings!

  2. Stairs in transport - how cool is that!
    Nice manor house, I would probably alway buy something too....
    Great sunset and listen a concert - that I call "full service"
    Have a nice sunday

  3. Oh my!! I think I would LOVE this 'Manor House' to visit!! AND very interesting facts about steps vs stairs!!! I've never really thought about it before! So your post has been thought provoking! Thanks for sharing with OBW!! And awesome sky shots too.... wow!

  4. What stunning photos you shared, thanks for playing along with us at Our Beautiful World!

  5. Goodness Lorraine, you take AWESOME photos, These are really, really stunning. And I learned something about stairs and steps I didn't know.

    Of course, I was truly impressed with the sunflowers, including the smiley face!

  6. The Manor House looks amazing, and must be quite fascinating to browse around.
    I love moon trails. I can remember as a child having a book called Go Dog Go, and one of my favourite pictures in it was a moonlit scene with a moon path on the sea.
    The truck photo is really interesting; it makes me think of those little ladybug and bumblebee hotels - only on a giant scale. I'd rather not meet those bees!


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