Friday, March 20, 2015

Rock Your Socks - LOW LIGHT - First Day of Spring?

Rachel texted me last night to tell me that today, at her school, they were celebrating Rock Your Socks for Down Syndrome Day (officially tomorrow, but with no school on Saturday celebrated on Friday).  And she posted this on Facebook this morning.

So I decided to celebrate too!  (This was taken at work this morning before the snow started.)  And no, we're not sharing a pair of socks - she has her own flying pig socks (which look quite a bit cleaner than mine I should add!)

Yes, it snowed yet again today.  Mother Nature's surprise for the last hours of winter because it stopped snowing here this evening just about the official time for spring to start.  And darn, now that I'm posting this I realize that I should have tried standing an egg on end this evening for the Vernal Equinox.  These next two pictures were taken through the sliding door within about 20 mins. of each other as we were losing daylight. They are untouched and I'm hoping that you can see the difference in the amount of light as today's photo prompt is LOW LIGHT.

LOWer LIGHT gives the view a bluer hue.

I was perusing Pinterest this afternoon and came across the directions to make these origami tulips.  I had to give it a try 1) because we don't have any real flowers blooming outside now to celebrate Spring, and 2) because I've been looking for this pattern for quite some time now.

HWNSNBP and I used to rent a house down the shore when the kids were little.  One place that we stayed at for 2 or 3 years was owned by an art teacher and she used some of her creations to decorate the cottage.  I will always remember the origami tulips that were in a vase beside the bed in the master bedroom.  They fascinated me then and I was never able to find the exact pattern or instructions for making them, but these instructions produced a flower that came close.  

I first tried using some kraft paper which turned out to be too bulky when folded, so I grabbed a small roll of colorful wrapping paper and cut that into 6" squares.  This paper was much easier to work with.  I do have to admit that I added a dab of glue on the sides where the petals wanted to pop out too much.  I found some green drinking straws to use as stems.  

I'm not sure if you'd call the tulip pictures LOW LIGHT or spot light, but I like the way the colors pop against the darkness in the background.  

We got about 4 or 5 more inches of heavy, wet snow which is all supposed to melt tomorrow when the temps are said to approach 50ยบ.  We'll see about that.

I hope the slush won't inhibit our plans for tomorrow.  I'm hoping for a good photo opportunity tomorrow afternoon that I've been looking forward to.  

Have a great weekend.


  1. Love the bluer low light - so cold looking! Well, actually looking back maybe I can't say I prefer it, I like them both.
    I wore a hole in my flying pig socks!
    The tulips are sweet - I used to have some that DH made as table decor one year from a Paul Jackson book. I don't think they made the last move with us, but I know I still have the book - if I think of it, I'll scan and email it to you!

  2. love your socks and the tulips are very sweet. I hope yours now is gone we are having an early spring following a very rare non snow winter.......hoping spring cmes soon for you


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