Monday, March 9, 2015


Pigs flew in from New Zealand last week.  They had a long flight but they made it.  The envelope they came in suffered a little mishap but all the contents were intact. My blogging friend Sunshine, one of my "Pig Ladies" send me this adorable package of flying pig seeds.  (I added the link to her blog but I think she's been having some computer issues lately.  But check her out anyway.  She's got some great projects.)

On the back were the handwritten directions............

And don't you just love the stamp on the bottom where she signed it!  I giggled when I saw it.

She always puts so much detail into her creations.  Just look at those sparkly wings and the shiny snouts and hooves.

Not only were there seeds, but she sent me this beautiful card too.  

I just love those silhouettes with that tiny butterfly.  And I'm going to have to remember to try that background on one of my next floral cards.  Thank YOU Sunshine for sharing your talent with me.

Today's photo prompt is THE WRITTEN WORD.  As I was moving things around in the stamp cave the other day - notice I did not say cleaning - I came across these newspapers that I picked up at a garage sale a few years back.  They were from 1969 - the day of the moon landing.  The pictures are not that great, but the papers are authentic.  

HWNSNBP still picks up two daily newspapers on his way to work and he has been complaining lately that the content is dwindling so much that it's almost not worth buying them when he still has to go on-line to find out things like the scores of the local sporting events.  Whether he's reading the paper in hand or on-line, he still relies on THE WRITTEN WORD.


  1. What an adorable gift. Yes I giggled at the back of the card too.

    Oh I remember that day in 1969, so I don't really need the news paper...grin.
    We stopped our local news paper because it was all advertising and want ads. Then they re-sized it to about he size of they still put out the Enquirer? Talk about dating myself, not once but twice!!!

  2. What a super sweet idea and very clever.

    Hugs diane

  3. I remember that day in 1969 also . . . cute cards. Love the flying pig seeds!


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