Monday, March 30, 2015


It's been very cloudy the last few days and I've not had much opportunity for taking any SCENIC pictures.  I did spot the first blooming crocus in our yard this afternoon.  It's blooming in an area near the dryer exhaust vent which is probably why it's blooming when none of the others in the yard are.  HWNSNBP tried to transplant a couple of perennials just the other day and could not get down deep enough into the soil as the ground was still frozen.  

And today was a busy day besides.  A early morning MRI followed by breakfast with a friend.  Then a doctor follow-up appt. and lunch with another friend (brought most of that home!).  And this evening I had PT which brought me to the county Ballpark and it was sunny by that time so I took a picture of the field lights against the cloudy sky.  A little more graphic than SCENIC - but I tried.

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