Tuesday, March 17, 2015

GREEN Treats - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Someone brought in delicious Irish Soda Bread.  Another person brought in chocolate chip cookies and Irish Potatoes (not pictured).  And there were GREEN candy kisses.  I wore the hat on a dare from HWNSNBP.  We were at $Tree over the weekend and found the hats - a pkg. of 5.  I was going to fill them with treats but he blurted out the dare and I accepted.  I'm afraid he didn't remember that I work in an elementary school and wearing something like that on a holiday would not be totally out of the ordinary.  I shared the other 4 with some of the staff, attached the hat to my head with some double-sided tape and definitely won the dare.  Now I have to figure out what the prize should be.

We were lucky enough to have a small group of bagpipers visit the school this morning.  This is them coming up the hall just as they finished.  They make a point of visiting all of our schools on St. Patrick's Day and told us that they had a bunch of other stops to make today as well.  The children came out of the classrooms and lined the hallway as the pipers paraded down the hall.

And one more GREEN thing - a Shamrock Shake!  That will be the last one for this year.


  1. How very cool for the kids to see AND hear the bagpipers on St. Patty's Day.

    Thanks for the comment you left for me....;))

  2. That soda bread looks so good! Bagpipers!!!! That would be great! Yes, you can get away with wearing strange hats and such when you work at an elementary school. Mine worked the opposite last week . . . we had pajama day last Friday and after work - my husband dared me to wear my pajamas to stop and have a beer . . . it was early and we eat there quite often . . . also it is a family owned place with most of the employees being family members - and they know us very well . . . so I won that bet, although I got a few odd looks.

  3. Ha - I hope you get a good prize for taking on the dare. One of the butchers in our local shop is always dressed for the season that way - she had a hairband with a sparkly green hat coming up to St. Patrick's Day, and she always has reindeer antlers in the Christmas run-up. The guys in there don't follow her lead, though.
    How cool about the bagpipers. But even a small group can make a LOT of noise, I have found.


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