Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy BIrthday

It may look a little feminine with all those flowers, but this card is for HWNSNBP's birthday today. The stamped image of the birds in and on the nesting box surrounded by flowers reminded me so much of our box in the garden when the clematis trailed over it.  Of course I probably should have gone with a purple flower which would have been true to what we had here, but once I got started with the pink I didn't want to restart.  I loved this set so much that I splurged on the whole package from Heartfelt Creations as a birthday present to myself making this probably right now the most expensive card I've made. 

I had to secretly get this done while he was out officiating his basketball games and even took the pictures in the stamp cave so he wouldn't be able to see it ahead of time.  

Those birdies not on the box are rather large in comparison to the ones on the box but they reminded me of the juvenile blues who often look a little chubbier than their parents.  

We have not had any bluebird sightings here in the yard for several months, but the weather is turning and we are hopeful that they will be back soon.

Happy Birthday my love!

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