Saturday, March 7, 2015


Okay, so here's what happened........I mixed up yesterday and today's posts, er, prompts.  That's what I get for not consulting my list before pushing publish.  So let me get back on track with....

FRESH - the tiger got a fresh snow hat.  

His old one was just about gone.

I think even the hawk that dropped in on the bird feeding area was eyeing him up. Friend or foe?

I believe this is a Cooper's Hawk that did indeed scare off all the birds from the bird feeding area by deciding to perch in their very tree.  Sorry for the milky picture, I was trying to focus through the glass door and screen.


  1. Love your tiger snow hat!!! And love seeing the Cooper's Hawk.. just beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks for the Sunday smile!!!

  3. What fun snow hat photos, Lorraine, but I was particularly taken with your Cooper's Hawk because we have the exact same scene out our front window in the maple across the street right now. They come back here year after year and it's such a treat! (I'm in northern California.) Hugs, Darnell


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