Thursday, July 16, 2015

ICAD 2015 - Week 6 and FRIENDS - Photo Challenge

I'm still playing catch-up but as the prompts this week centered on games, well it sounded like a good seque.  Let's get to it.......

Day 36 - Backgammon
So I guess this is technically 1/4 of a backgammon board, though there is a mistake I think.  The arrows should probably not all be the same, but this is art and my board so I can accept it as a planned mistake.  Background is watercolored, the rest is paper pieced.

Day 37 - Chess or Checkers
The daisy background has nothing whatsoever to do with this prompt.  It's what I had handy being too lazy I guess to create a background.  A new pkg. of doilies, some washi tape, and a bit of recycled gold paper for the crown.

Day 38 - Mahjong (Marbles)
I had an idea for Mahjong tiles.  Then I heard this washi tape calling my name - "play with me, play with me" it said.  So I did. Washi tape and Prismacolors.

Day 39 - Bingo
I picked a few numbers that are significant to me and turned the rest over.  Micron marker.

Day 40 - Yahtzee
Not quite dice, but square with dots on them.  Washi tape and Stabilo marker.

Day 41 - Bridge or Gin Rummy
This one might just beat out the toy telephone from last week as my favorite.  Micron and Stabilo markers.

Day 42 - Scrabble
A repeated pattern of the colored tiles on a Scrabble board.  Stabilo markers.

Now, I may get in trouble for posting this picture, and honestly, I did not take it, but today's photo prompt is FRIENDS and this picture of our Table 7 gang is all about lifelong friendship so how could I not share it.  Love you guys!


  1. Cheers to you too Lorraine. Your little glass pig - that you sent me 5 1/2 years ago - finally bit the dust. But the memory will always be with me.

  2. Such fun ways to show the games, Lorraine, very clever makes. And such a cheerful photo. Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie.

    Love and hugs


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