Saturday, July 11, 2015

SOC 2015 - Week 5 and OBW 104 - Pathway

This week's colors - 2 greens and 1 pink.  I had a plethora of thoughts about this and then I thought that I remembered that we had rolls of bulletin board paper in two greens and one pink.  Aha!  Into the supply room I wandered and tore off the scraggly ends of the rolls.  Just a wee bit was needed for my wee journal.  A torn paper collage - flowers in the field.

Some blended Prismacolor pencils in the background and a tiny bit of green glitter glue for the splotch-punched flower centers.  My computer is not being kind to these shades - they are much more vibrant IRL.  You'll want to check out more green and pink creations at the Twinkle, Twinkle blog - click here.

Green and pink was very evident on our bike ride this morning down the Barnegat Branch Trail.  The trail is built on the site of the now defunct Barnegat Branch Division of the Central Railroad of New Jersey.  It is a wonderful cinder pathway through the woods that eventually will be 15.6 miles long. We did a 2 mile section of it today making the round trip of about 4.25 miles.  Contrary to what you see in the picture below, there were many riders and walkers along the trail today.  And it's fun to greet everyone with a "good morning".

Speaking of pathways - I recently was pointed in the direction of another photo challenge called Our Beautiful World and this week's theme is Pathway's.  There are pathways from all over the world being shared - click here to see more. 

HWNSNBP took us down one of the "historical" sidepaths on the trail and spotted this little guy.  By the time we turned around and came back he was gone.  Don't you just love the look in his eyes?


  1. oh my goodness... just LOVE this post!! I love your collage - and the pink flowers are gorgeous - so love the upcycle-ness of this project! Yes, it is sometimes hard to photograph the right shade... I struggle with this all the time.
    So glad you joined in with "our beautiful world'! What a wonderful experience to see a tortoise on the way!! Your pathway looks very inviting!!!

  2. I love the pink and green combination

  3. The little guy you saw on your bike ride is awesome - yes, his eyes have a definite cool look! And the beautiful pathway with the pinks and greens of this week's SOC colors is gorgeous. It looks like a wonderful place to bike and walk!!!! And thank you for sharing your beautiful work of art, too. What a cool way to use old paper and to make your own pathway! LOVE this post!!!!

  4. Love the art work and the beautiful photo.....I would want to ride my bike down that road too.

  5. love the look of the torn, handmade papers! Sweet turtle too:)

  6. How very fun that you remembered the paper in the made the most delightful green and pink entry.

    Love the path...would be great for walking or biking... Nice meeting you, since I'm new to the group.

  7. OK, Lorraine, I came to see your latest SOC entry and got caught up in that turtle. It's a photo I need for the Summertime Photo Challenge (sorry, I can't find the link, I always go to my friend Halle's blog for it).

    Back to your SOC entry. I had trouble scanning my colors this week, too. I thought the photos were far more realistic. Regardless, it's still two greens and a pink, so I think it's adorable. So glad you made it. I kept refreshing to see if I could find your name and here you are (grin)!

  8. Lovely paper collage and what a wonderful pathway for a bike ride

  9. Great paper collage, Lorraine.
    The turtle does have personality. And what great colours it has.
    Also, I love the bike/walking beautiful.

  10. beautiful artwork and pathway.

    Lol, if you want more challenges I have one for Digital art: NF DAM and one for: Trees n Bushes :)
    Just ask me for the links :)

  11. pretty collage and super cute turtle, great that you discover this cute little guy :-)

  12. very nice journal page :) and nice that looks like a very pretty page for a bike ride :)


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