Wednesday, July 1, 2015

ICAD 2015 - Week 4

Sheesh, how did I get so far behind on posting these?  It must have been me trying to get so much done during my week "staycation"...... and I did get to tackle a few things that have been needing my attention.  But on to the ICAD's with the theme of using ink or markers.

Day 22 - Psychedelic
Periodically I get visual migraines and this is what I see - or similar to what I see and don't see.  It starts out as a little wavy line and grows and pulsates in somewhat psychedelic fashion and in the center where I've colored it black is where I lose my vision as the line expands.  When it fully expands I get my full vision back, but as it's happening it's a little disconcerting to, let's say, look directly at someone who is talking and not be able to see their face.  Or to try to read something and not be able to see any words where you're looking but only those all around.  Done in highlighters and watercolor markers.

Day 23 - Romantic
Using a new gel pen, I did a tangle with a heart theme.  

Day 24 - Geometric
Another gel pen tangle.

Day 25 - Botanic or Organic
Another gel pen tangle and I'm not liking this at all.

Day 26 - Exotic
Micron pen palm leaves (yes, that's what they were intended to be, not feathers) and watercolor marker pixilation.

Day 27 - Academic
This is supposed to be the brain inside the skull thinking and sending out impulses.  

Day 28 - Dramatic
Highlighters and watercolor markers.  The rainbow colors against the black background are meant to be dramatic, however, given the latest Supreme Court ruling on Marriage Rights, there's another little bit of drama included in there.

Sometimes these prompts are easy and sometimes I really have to give it a lot of thought (as I'm currently finding out this week).  But I keep reminding myself that this is an art exercise meant to stretch my creativity and though it may appear kind of elementary at times, it's a fun learning experience ...... even if I don't like the outcome.  


  1. I am IN LOVE with your leaves/feathers!!!!! Just gorgeous!!!!!

  2. I really like your ICADs. I can particularly relate to your interpretation of visual migraines, as I am a frequent sufferer myself :( I also really like the contents of your brain, how pretty!

  3. Love your art here!! i get those migraines too along with the intense painful headaches ones. They sure do change your prospective on things :) Thank for sharing you art.


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