Monday, July 6, 2015

ICAD 2015 - Week 5

This week proved to be a wee bit of a challenge.  Only because I got hung up on one prompt and didn't want to move forward with the rest until I finished that one.  Sometimes stubbornness is not in my best interest because it lets things pile up unnecessarily.  But anyway, on with the show......

Day 29 - Ice Cream Cone
What?  You don't see an ice cream cone?  Of course you don't see the cone because there's just so much ice cream I could fit on an index card.  One scoop of coffee ice cream with rainbow sprinkles please.  (HWNSNBP refused to think of my washi strips as sprinkles because they were not rounded on the corners!  Pish tosh!

Day 30 - Telephone
Who remembers this Fisher-Price toy phone?  I am too old to have had one, but I know that my kids did.  And so I drew it on a page from an old cell phone manual that was framed on either side by some telephone book paper.  This might be my favorite ICAD so far.

Day 31 - Trivia
I think, no, I know that this is where I got hung up.  There is so much trivia in my head - you know I'm known as a KOOK (keeper of odd knowledge) - that I just couldn't figure out how to express it.  Aha!  A little birdie told me..................    My blue jay is an endeavor using some new art supplies - Zig Clean Color Brush Markers that came all the way from Japan.  I don't think it turned out too bad on the index card.  Now I need to try them out on some watercolor paper.

Day 32 - Weather
I feel I almost cheated with this as I used a stamp set (Think Happy by Stampin Up), but stamps were part of the suggested media theme for this week so I came away okay with it.

Day 33 - Mad Men or I Love Lucy
Hmmm..............  Pencil, Micron Marker and Zig again.  Loved working on those eyes.

Day 34 - Flag/Independence Day
HWNSNBP forgot his phone charger and his spare cord was broken so we had to get a new one.  Luckily, Big Lots was open on July 4th.  This little Travelocity gnome was on the package and since he was bedecked in red, white and blue I felt he belonged on my 4th of July washi-tape flag.

Day 35 - Portrait
A pencil selfie of a selfie which, honestly, I had done last week fooling around and was going to use for my cover page for my ICAD's, but then when I saw the prompt for a portrait figured it belonged here.  I think I got the hair and eyebrows right.  Oh, and the dimples.  Not sure about the rest although HWNSNBP did respond correctly when I asked him who this looked like.  But he did respond in question form.

I do really love making these little projects.  It gives my mind exercise in the planning and is definitely helping me to try new things and not be afraid to share them.  


  1. Oh my what a blast from the past!!! I KNOW those little telephones!! My kids had one too, and it was SOOO loved! And my favourite on of all is your blue jay, he is magnificent! Wow those markers sound amazing!

  2. Such lovely projects, very clever way for art journaling, love the selfie.

    Have wonderful week, sweetie!

    Love and hugs

  3. LOVE all of these! The bluejay is amazing! If I get those pens will I be able to draw like that???? :) Also love your self-portrait!

  4. I would enjoy watching You create, Your work is so nice and fun too.Enjoy Your days creating-Denise

  5. These are wonderful! Your self-portrait does look like you!

  6. I actually stopped by to thank you for your kind comments you left on my blog several days in a row, then I got caught up in your blog. I simply adore these. You put SO much more work into your ICADs than I seem to. Like you, I especially like the telephone. But of course, I adore the bird, too. I'm so glad I'm not following the prompts, because I'd be stuck and unable to move on, too! You did great with yours.


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