Friday, July 3, 2015

Red - Photo Challenge

Most people love red, red cherries.  I love yellow, Ranier cherries with a tinge of red and I found some today at Costco.  They are more expensive than the Bing cherries and they definitely have a shorter season of availability.  But I love them and always treat myself.

Growing up there was a cherry tree in our backyard with these delicious yellow cherries.  And there was nothing like putting a warm, juicy, ripe cherry in your mouth.  Or cold, halved cherries in a bowl sprinkled with sugar as my grandfather liked them.  

We lived above my grandparents.  There was an addition to their part of the house downstairs for their kitchen and bedroom and we (my sisters and brothers) used to sneak out our bedroom window onto the hot shingled roof and scooch right to the edge to grab the branches with the biggest, fattest, juiciest cherries that came close enough to the house.  Inevitably, we would be heard by someone downstairs and were scolded back into the house. How none of us ever fell off the roof reaching was a miracle!  

As I picked up the carton of cherries today I could hear my grandmother in my head exclaiming at the price of the cherries I was buying.  "They're so dear." she would say of anything that was expensive. And to them, my grandparents, it would be a hard decision whether to spend that extra money for something dear.  

I wondered if it will come to that as we get older.  Will we have to choose not to treat ourselves to something we love because it is too dear?  I hope not.  What would life be without red-tinged, yellow cherries in July?


  1. Your photo makes my mouth water, and reminds me I did buy cherries at Costco yesterday.......yes, what would summer be like with out cherries......or watermelon???

    Thanks for joining me and the GDs for SOC this week and thank you so much for leaving them a comment each week....they grow in leaps from reading the comments.

  2. This so sweet!
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  3. I will have to look out for those Rainier cherries, meanwhile, I think I will have some of the Bing ones in my fridge right now!


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