Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Toy? - Photo Challenge

Someone wasn't happy that it was raining today and they couldn't play with their toys.  Ooooh, that is a stretch for the TOY prompt, but I really wanted to use this picture today because as sad as it looks it made me smile.  

Part of my daily vitamin regimen.  Two B2's twice a day and two D3's once each day.  

Funny story - I recently switched over to these B2 capsules that contain the vitamin in powder form. I had been taking regular hard pills but when I ran out, this is what I found.  No problem really, unless you don't drink enough water to wash them down.  How do I know this?  Sunday morning I took two capsules after I ate my breakfast with a swig of tea.  Several minutes later I burped only I didn't realize what had happened.  I thought something was burning.  Something near me, like my computer, or the table lamp, because I saw what I thought was smoke and it definitely had an odor. Took me a frantic minute or two to realize that nothing was burning and the smoke that I saw was actually the vitamin powder being expelled out my nose. This was confirmed by blowing my nose and seeing the bright yellow on the tissue.

The gel capsule must have gotten stuck somewhere in the back of my throat and dissolved a little, but not enough, and when I burped (with my mouth closed I must add) the force of the air pushed the powder back up through my nose.  Not a very pleasant experience. Don't try this at home.

And you would think that I learned my lesson with that.  No, it happened again the next night.  So now I have to remind myself not only to drink plenty of water when I take these but also to remember not to burp afterwards.

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