Saturday, July 25, 2015

Our Beautiful World - Layers


Water - tile - brick - fence - sea grass - sky.

The sunflowers in the pool enclosure are such a lovely and eye-catching addition.

I've been very busy this week getting ready for our Merry Fishmas celebration and I'm afraid this addition to Our Beautiful World's layers theme is a bit weak, but I had good intentions - really, as I took this picture last Sunday shortly after I saw the theme. I just forgot to keep looking for more.  But I love these layers just the same.  

Let's see the layers from other parts of Our Beautiful World


  1. I think its fabulous in its layering Lorraine! Look at the colours too.... and loving the 'Merry Fishmas' celebration statement..... you've got to tell us more about that with some pics perhaps!!!! Thanks for sharing with Our Beautiful World

  2. What a beautiful photograph. Sunflowers always make me smile - and the white fence behind it makes this really stand out.


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