Monday, July 20, 2015

Hiding, In the Distance, Sunshine - Photo Challenge

This post covers the last three days of the photo challenge and last night's sunset.

The herons were all gathered in the trees as if they were HIDING from some predator on the ground.  It's really quite a sight from our back porch balcony.  I wish that they were closer.

In the distance you can see them all lined up in some kind of feeding frenzy.  They have been changing hangouts the last several days.  I guess they eat and eat whatever it is that is "hatching" in one area and then move on to the next.

This morning (we took a vacation day today) we had our first attempt at fishing for the summer. Well, our first attempt together.  HWNSNBP did fish on July 4th as he traditionally does.  But today we started the day with our poles.  I got some hits on my line, but I think it was probably the baitfish going after my bait.  The bay was calm and peaceful and the dock was virtually empty.  There was an Asian couple fishing in our "regular spot" so we located ourselves in a different area, but they didn't seem to be having any luck either.  Strangely - I've never seen this - they were both wearing purple rubber gloves while they were fishing.  We don't know why, but I can't imagine, as it was 84ยบ at 8 a.m. already, how they could possibly be comfortable wearing rubber gloves in that heat.  

The prompt for today was sunshine and here it is reflected off the water.  

And now just pictures of the sunset last night.

Tell me, what, if anything, do you see here?


  1. ...a face of some cute little creature maybe?! ...UFO's even?! I have a highly imaginative mind!
    The sun on the water is gorjuss, as well are the pretty sunset photo's - well done!

  2. Hi Lorraine! Just stopping by your blog and I have to tell you how much I enjoyed your awesome photos! You captured sunshine beautifully!!!!


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