Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Jingle SILVER Belles

As you might have guessed from the title the challenge this time is to use silver or bells or both silver and bells.  I have silver and bells.  No stamping whatsoever on this baby.  Just a pine branch die, the jingle bell die, paper, washi tape, stick on jewels, and a nice red ribbon.  HWNSNBP seems to think that I will have requests for this card. 

So sorry for the less than stellar picture.  I really should have changed that background, but I was trying to show the reflection of the light on the silver. 

Won't you please join me over at the Jingle Belles blog to see the other Silvery/Bell cards that have been created. 


  1. ok LIGHTBULB MOMENT HERE: you've cut apart the memory box jingle bells and scattered the bells into your festive greenery!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, sorry to shout, and of course you already know what you did, since you were there when you did it, lol; but i kind of want to smack myself on the head right now b/c that has never, ever, ever occurred to me!!! (even tho i have that gorgeous die thanks to a CERTAIN SOMEONE & i use it a-plenty!) wow. ♥WOW♥!!! you've soooo totally rocked this! i bow down to your cleverness! (wow!)

  2. That foliage spray with the bells just looks so sweet, Lorraine!


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