Sunday, July 12, 2015

Deep & Tiny - Photo Challenge

Since I forgot to post this yesterday I decided that it does fit into yesterday and today's prompts. There is a creature from the DEEP in this TINY scene that I created for HWNSNBP. 

Back story - he was with me on a recent trip to Michael's and whilst I was perusing the aisles he was on his merry way perusing also and came upon these terrarium jars which reminded him of the scenes that I had put together for our Christmas display.  He wondered, out loud to me, if it was possible to make a beach scene in one of them?  And since I had not yet decided what to use my 50% off coupon (yes, sometimes I don't have anything particular in mind when I get these coupons, but darned if they don't compel me to go and find something to use it on) and the jars were the most expensive thing we would be purchasing at that time I took on the challenge.

Of course, they didn't have the sand I wanted there so we had to make a trip to A.C. Moore for that (with a percentage off purchase coupon the next week).  And a trip to the Great Swamp Nursery where we both remembered them having the "ingredients" (little figures) for such a scene.  Oh, and he volunteered to go into Pier 1 (I know this was meant to keep me out of there in the event of me finding something else to spend money on) for the "Fairy Lights" which you can't see in the picture but I used clear packing tape to strap them to the lid to look like the stars in the sky when it's dark, battery operated.  

Yes, I think that crab is a bit out of proportion for the whole scene but he likes it.


  1. Hi Lorraine - My local dollar store has colored sand in their small garden center, just as future reference. They have various colors but not sure about the colors you were looking for. Just as a future reference.

    1. Thanks Dorrie! I'll keep that in mind. I might just have to visit your dollar store with a garden center. You know I just love dollar stores!

  2. Great idea! Beautiful finish!!


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