Thursday, July 9, 2015

Rough - Work - Photo Challenge

The rough ends of some drawer pulls that I spray painted last week.  They're going on a dresser that we got at IKEA and HWNSNBP recently stained.  I used hammered metal spray paint and they didn't quite come out like metal because the wood was so rough and grainy.  They'll do though.  I was giving them some time to cure before putting them on the drawers so we didn't have that lovely spray-paint aroma permeating our bedroom.  

Fessing up - the picture below is of work but it was taken last week on my first day back from my staycation.  The view is from me standing in the hallway behind my work station/desk.  I was feeling so refreshed after 10 days off and within 15 mins. it was quite the opposite.  Behind that wall of plastic they were breaking through the wall in the far right corner.  Noise, dust, noise.  The A/C was not working and it was hot and as you can see, my whole work station was covered in plastic.  Not a pretty sight.  The most annoying thing about it all was that there was no one in our office for 10 days and they were supposed to start this job on the first Monday.  But it was my luck to have to come back on July 1 to this.  

The wall of plastic is down and you saw the picture from a couple of days ago of the door frame being worked on.  Now that opening is closed up with a piece of plywood.  We were told that this project would take 5 weeks and I'm beginning to think that they were thinking they would need 25 days which would equal 5 weeks of workdays only they're not stringing them together.  The head of maintenance told us that they ARE on schedule to be finished with it by the time school September!


  1. Our campus went through this a couple of years ago . . . although our office wasn't this bad. I think they should just give you the next 5 weeks off. I hope it all comes together soon.

  2. Gosh, this is as big a mess as I had when I had a flood in my basement a few years ago. I don't see how you're going to get any work done, but you are inventive, so I'm sure you'll figure it out.

    Love the flying pig in the "time capsule." How clever of you.

  3. Oh, it always seems to take ages when renovating! Happy Friday!

    Love and hugs


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