Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Teapot Tuesday 79

We're on the mooooooooove again!  To Cowlifornia we go.  Remember Alicia?  Well, Alicia has a little brother named Curt.  Curt wants to be a stuntman, but he's a bit too small for the task.  See what happened..........

He couldn't make it over the moon!  He's too little.  So our job this week is to buff him up and find an alternate career for Curt since he has decided to stay in Cowlifornia. 

You see, Curt decided to go to an audition.  A local florist was looking for someone to play Cupid for their Valentine deliveries.  Well, Curt, not being the brightest bulb in the box since his recent stunt attempt, thought he read Cowpid - which of course, he would be perfect for!  To make sure he got the job he went and got a tattoo on his right flank.  A beautifully ornate heart.  After all, what's Valentine's without hearts? 

And here's a Moo's Flash, I mean a News Flash!  He got the job!  He has to bring along some romantic Moosic on his deliveries and you know what he'll be singing?  Oh come on!  You know don't you?


Okay, head over to the Teapot Tuesday Gallery to check it out.  But remember, to get the whole story and to see Cindy's creation, you must visit her glob

Oh, and if you want the deets on the card leave a comment or e-mail me.


  1. I just had to come and say how very awesome this little cow is! I love the shape of him. Did you draw him out and then cut out the shape? He is so cute and the detail on the tail with a little tassel is so darn cute! What a precious thing you came up with here. I favorited it at SCS cuz you never know when a cow might come up for some wacky thing I get myself into! This rocks Lorraine! So glad you come to the parties...... I love seeing you.

    I had actually gone to bed but saw this right before I did and got back up to comment! I know I am sick, obsessed! Snort!

    Nighty night....

  2. Another great card Lorraine. I love making animal heads with the punches but never thought to try a body. Very clever.

  3. A-DOOR-A-BEL! That's all I can say. Please fill me in how did you create him er ah curt that is. doo tell


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