Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday's Throw Aways - February 10

I've accumulated these pretty appointment cards over the course of the last year.  They're from my oncologist's office. 

They really pay attention to detail there.  They took my picture at my first appointment and it's in my file.  Now when I walk in, they refer to me by name even before I tell them who I am.  Strangely, it makes me feel a little more relaxed. 

Then there's the examining table.  They're not the usual stark white paper covered tables.  The paper is printed and the drape is a beautiful shade of pink.  (Don't worry, I'm not reusing this, I just took a picture of it!)

In addition to some lovely art prints on the walls, there is a mobile hanging over each table - gives you something to focus on when looking up. 

Basically, in a place that can cause a lot of tension, the attention to detail really helps allay it. 

So today I'll share a couple of projects with you.  My Thursday Throw Away is a set of notecards made from the appointment cards............

I trimmed off the writing from the top and mounted them on a piece of watercolor paper to add some texture.  The kraft ribbon was first tied around the watercolor paper.  Then I added those pieces to some Kraft cardstock to complete the cards. 

The second project is a card that I made for the staff in the doctor's office.  After my surgery last year I had been visiting the office quite regularly at first and around Valentine's Day I shared with them some of my homemade cinnamon and vanilla marshmallows.  I got kudos on the marshmallows so when I was there a couple of weeks ago for an exam I asked if they wanted some this year.  I got a resounding "yes!" 

During the snowstorm last Saturday I made the marshmallows and packaged them up earlier this week and go them in the mail.  This is the card that went with it..........

I love the way this came out.  I almost didn't want to send it but I know I can make another one if necessary.  I used the I {Heart} Hearts set as well as Vintage Vogue.  The new scalloped border and corner punches make the pink layer and the white is embosed with the Perfect Polka Dots folder.  Some of the hearts and flowers are popped up on dimensionals. 

So now I'm hoping that the snowstorm we got yesterday will not delay the package.  I had it labeled perishable and have always had good luck when I send something that is perishable.  I just don't know how the marshmallows will hold up in near freezing temperatures.  I guess I'll find out at my next appointment in May.


  1. What a beautiful card - and seeing how much attention they pay to little details, I am sure they will really appreciate it. Cinnamon and vanilla - sounds good. I've tried making coffee flavoured ones, but that's as adventurous as I got.
    I'm just listening to a report on the US weather on the radio even as I type. But my lens made it to Dublin this morning, so I am crossing my fingers it might even arrive this afternoon.
    I am sure all those little details in the make such a difference - the mobiles are a great idea. And the lovely appointment cards - I've never seen any like that before. A much prettier throwaway than a toasted mouse :D.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. SophieLaFontaine2/24/11, 5:44 AM

    I love your Thursday Throw Away cards!!!!!!!


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