Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teapot Tuesday 81

It's Fat Tuesday!    A truly fat Tuesday when you take into consideration that the Valentine parties at school were postponed until today because of the snow days and holidays.  It's so hard to always say no to the sweets - so I didn't.  See what I mean about Fat Tuesday! 

Getting back to Teapot Tuesday - Cindy provided us with another great story and a really cute Mardi Gras teapot.  How fitting for today...........

This brought back some memories for me even more memorable this week as it is my son's birthday on Friday.  When he was in 8th grade the theme for the dinner dance was "Mardi Gras" and I designed the table centerpieces.  They were pretty cool and consisted of masks - the kind on sticks - in an over-turned top hat with green and gold and purple "grass".   The kicker was that the kids had taken them apart to "play" with the masks within the first 30 mins of the dance.  The ladies who were working there that night (you weren't allowed to be at the dance if you had an 8th grader) managed to put aside a centerpiece for us and believe it or not, I still have those masks.  Here is a picture of the card I made with the masks.........

Go figure that 14 years later I would still have them and the bag of feathers stashed away.  What I couldn't find this afternoon was my gold ink pad.  You stampers out there, do you have days like that?  Last week I couldn't find the stamp I wanted to use and this week it was an ink pad!  Well, in the absence of gold ink, I went with gold embossing powder.  In my search I came across a little fleur de lis punch which I also embossed and added to the motif from Carte Postale to make the handle.........

I had this card in my head all day and if I hadn't spent so much time looking for that darn ink pad I would have gotten it done a lot sooner.  It seems I'm always so late posting these! 

I used two background stamps for this - En Francais in black on YoYo Yellow and Print Pattern in Glorious Green on Whisper White cs.  The fleur de lis comes from Carte Postale and it was first embossed in gold on Rich Razzleberry and then I embossed the whole piece in clear several times.  That square is backed with metallic gold cs. 

I think this will be Chris' birthday card on Friday and I might just ask for it back cause I really like the way it came out.  Let's see if he gets the connection! 

Okay, please check out the other challenge cards in the gallery this week and make sure to check out Cindy's glob to see her wonderful creation.  You won't want to miss it!


  1. HAH!!! Day's????? I have WEEKS of not being able to find something...only to find it the minute I give up looking for it..enought to drive you nutty...

  2. No surprises that the original masks didn't last long (I don't think it's just 8th graders who have a tendency to mess with table settings!) but how lovely that some survived. Who needs gold ink when you can find the EP to make do with...
    If there's anyone out there who sometimes can't find something, I'll be very surprised.


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