Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Teapot Tuesday 82

The snowshoe rabbit, a great white owl, an arctic fox or polar bear all blend into their surroundings making them almost impossible to see against the stark whiteness of the snow.  Look carefully.  You will also see the tender blossoms of the Chrysalis plant designed by nature to provide a winter home for the very colorful and elusive Aurora Borealis butterfly. 

The plant itself is striking in it's beauty.  Silver stems support delicate pearl white petals with centers of gold.  The butterflies remain protected inside the closed flower until they are touched by a breath of spring.  The pods open and tiny little butterflies emerge.  When this happens en masse the bobbing and weaving of these colorful creatures ripples across the sky giving the appearance of the Aurora Borealis.  This is how they got their name. 
We are lucky today to be traveling to a teaparty where these magical flowers can be found.  To read all about it, please visit the Teapot Tuesday challenge or Cindy's glob for all the details. 

Our card was to have a white background today to reflect the inspiration teapot.  I embossed my white panel and then highlighted the flowers and stems with my Shimmer paints.  The butterflies were made using the new Butterfly embosslits die.  The corner punched with the new scallop corner punch and the rainbow ribbon wrapped in gold were the final touches.

Please visit the Teapot Gallery to see all the wonderful cards from this week. 

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  1. Lorraine, you've excelled with this card - every single detail is perfect. That ribbon is just sumptuous, and perfect for the rainbow array of butterflies emerging from their plant. If you find any seeds for that plant, you know my address :D.


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