Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Teapot Tuesday 58

Moooove over here so you can see the purdy teapot fer this week. This is Alicia and she wants to be one of those California cows. Well, that's what Cindy says. Check out her glob and the link for Alicia's TV commercial is there. Yep, it is!

So, it's off to California this week for the tea party. Oh, and yes, we're supposed to bring our cows ---- I think!
I'm all set. My cow is also my transportation! I did have some other inspiration for this card besides the teapot.

While we were chasing balloons a couple of weekends ago during the local balloonfest, I snapped a picture of this flying cow below. I actually CASed myself with this card as you can see if you click here. You may be asking where the clouds are on my card. Well, we've had enough rain so I wanted clear skies to fly my way to the party this week.

The cow on my balloon came from the Very Punny retired set and the trees are actually the fern stamp from Touch of Nature (another retired set).

Here's what I did for the balloon. I printed out the picture that I took and photocopied it so that I could cut out the balloon and use it for my pattern. Traced that in pencil onto the white cardstock and then stamped the cow in Basic Black. Waited for that to dry. And waited, and waited, and waited (my black ink pad takes forever to dry!).

Then I got out my watercolor crayons and colored the balloon like the teapot. I chalked the sky and added the trees in Handsome Hunter.

The sentiment is an A Muse stamp that I picked up somewhere along the way. I'll be honest with you and tell you that the reason that there's some glittery swirls on that sentiment piece is because my black ink takes forever to dry (oh, where did I hear that before?) and it wasn't dry when I went to fold the punched shape in half so I covered the little black smudge up with the glitter swirl.

Okay, I've got to leave for the party now. I have to visit with all the tea potters tonight. If you'd like to visit, come take a look at the gallery. You'll love the cards AND the stories!!!


  1. Lorraine, I love your creativity for this teapot card. Your cow balloon looks even better than the real one.

  2. Love the card you made for Cindy's Teaparty!! My kids and I just went for a hot air balloon ride last week. So how appropriate that you would bring your cow here that way!! Isn't Cindy just a kick in the pants? Fabulous cow balloon!!


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