Thursday, August 27, 2009

Textures of Nature

Below are some pictures taken on the beach on Monday.  This was after Hurricane/Tropical Storm Bill went through the area and churned up a lot of interesting things.  You can see the textural patterns in the dry sand as well as the wet sand.

Imagine if you can, walking down that beach and hearing the crunch, crunch, crunch, of the many millions of tiny mussel shells that had washed up.  From a distance I had thought that it was seaweed, but upon closer inspection it was not, it was all those shells. 

I have to tell you that in places, the smell was a little more than you cared to intake.  But there is beauty all around.  Sometimes you just have to look down to find it.



  1. Wow you guys get the good shells, Lilli will be jealous...but somehow I do not think I'll be able to throw out the collection of broken one that are sticking up my garage.

  2. Whoa. Usually when I look that closely at something on the ground, it was left by a dog that came through earlier, or it's something that can't wait to jump at my face.

  3. You indeed have some talent girl! What awesome pictures.....the colors are cool arent they!


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