Monday, August 24, 2009

Teapot Tuesday 61

I'm posting this a little early because we have a day trip planned for tomorrow and the other reason is that I don't know how long this internet service will allow me to be on.  When I was supposedly packing for our week away on Saturday night I remembered that Cindy had posted a sneak peek for Teapot Tuesday.
Very intriguing for a teapot don't you think?  Well I don't know what the story will be behind this one, or what any of the other requirements will be but here is my story:

I'm thinking that maybe Cindy has been notified by the law enforcement agents that the teapotters are under investigation.  You know there was talk about some jewels going missing when we joined The Queen, and then there were the allegations of bribing the judges in the California Cow Contest.  As I remember it, there were some other questionable shenanigans at some of the other tea parties also.  And now, Cindy is trying to add more teapot members.  Yes, didn't I tell you.  This challenge is not just on her blog anymore.  This challenge is on Splitcoast.  So, you see, there are any number of people who visit there who can become teapotters also.  This is why I think they're keeping an eye on us.  They need to find out just what it is about tea on Tuesdays and stamps and paper that causes so much strange behavior (and fun!). 

So late, late, late Saturday night, or maybe it was early Sunday morning by then....... this is what I put together for this week's Teapot Tuesday based on Cindy's Tea Peek from the week before. 
I was thinking of doing something with a magnifying glass, but then I found these notecards from the $bin at Michael's on my counter.  The flower reminded me of the emblem on the hat of the teapot.  So I added a small panel of Bashful Blue on the bottom and some black and white trim and ribbons.  Then I added more ribbon in the form of Bashful Blue grosgrain and then the embossed flower.  The flower has a stick-on jewel in the center - a sapphire (Maybe a leftover from the England trip!  Eek, maybe that's what they're looking for!) for September.  I will need three anniversary cards for September so it's good I'm getting a head start.

The sentiment is from the Teeny Tiny Wishes set - which I find that I'm going to more and more for it's versatility. 

Here is a close-up of the bottom of the card
I will try to remember to give you all the links when I return.  Just remember you can check out Cindy's glob by clicking the link on my left sidebar. 


  1. OK, it's early morning here, and I had a bad night - so when I looked at your card in the gallery, it was the blue I focussed on. Now that I've had some coffee I totally see the badge from the helmet is your flowers - very lateral and creative.

  2. Very cute. I too have anniversaries in September to get cards for. I can't wait for my Tiny Wishes set to arrive.

  3. Hee! Do you know if we sol-ved the murder! Me thinks not! Probably just confused things more by our sheer presence! Giggle!

    Just scrolling down your blog was an amazing thing! Your bird vacation pictures rock! So nice that you have those to remember your time with......and the projects you posted in between! Holy cow girl, you have been busy and the time you invested produced the most awesome result!

    Hope you had a wonderful vacation.


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