Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Word Verification

Two weeks ago I came across a Blog Hop that involved about 14 different blogs.  It took a while to go through them all and all the while I was doing that I kept thinking how it would really be beneficial - exercise-wise if you really had to hop while doing it.  At least you'd be moving around.  Then I really had to laugh out loud when I went to post a comment and this is what came up


  1. Debbie Modrowsky8/29/09, 8:49 PM

    ROFLOL...this is what I do...fight thin! And I am good at it.

  2. The words I get lately are Klingon, Bajoran and Vulcan food references from Star Trek's Deep Space Nine! Not sure if those will get me any thinner though if all I'm served are Klingon worms it probably will!

    Now if I could only figure out how to hop while running my mouse around the desk....Hmmm that sentence sounds just a little weird. :D

    Thanks for the laugh - Jean


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