Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Teapot Tuesday and Look What I Got

CarrollAnn (Mrs. Boz) is our Teapot Hostess this week and she posted this cute little Santa teapot that has a story all about the bear and the drum you see in the picture.

It seems this Santa would like to know what not to bring for Christmas.  And, in that case, we are to make a card reflecting either the teapot itself, the worse present we ever got, or the best present we ever got.

Thinking back, I can tell you the worse present that I ever got was a sweatsuit from my mother-in-law.  It was black and it had a huge furry koala bear on the front of the shirt.  It was back when sweatpants were kind of short and had elastic around the ankles.  Well, don't tell her, but I never wore the darn thing.  There was just something about that faux fur bear that I couldn't get over.  I kept it in the box in a closet and a few years ago it got donated to some poor soul who is probably warm but very out of fashion. 

But, my card - with the bears - is not about my worse present.  It's actually about the best, and you're going to think this is rather strange, but it's all about the respect you get from someone when they pay attention to your likes and dislikes. 

When I put together gifts for our stockings, I try to get things that I know HWNSNBP and the kids like, like a favorite magazine, puzzle book, candy, snack, etc.  My stocking gets filled also, but one year in particular, there was a roll of Chocolate Necco Wafers.  I had been to a deli for lunch with a friend and saw them there and happened to mention that to HWNSNBP in conversation.  Of all the Necco flavors, I think the chocolate and the wintergreen are my favorite and I said so, but I never expected it to register with him.  Let's face it, my lunch dates aren't things that are going to hold his attention. 

That's why I was so touched when I found the roll of Chocolate Necco's in my stocking.  I had penetrated the barrier of indifference with that conversation.  Don't get me wrong - he's very good to me.  But it made me feel good that he just wasn't listening to the "big stuff" that we discuss, it was a very little thing and it meant so much to me.

So you see my bears?  They're punched out of Close to Cocoa cs and the edges are dabbed with White Craft ink - like the Necco wafers.  I drew the faces on them and ran them through my Xyron mini-sticker-maker.  The background is from Autumn Days and the sentiment is from Best Yet.  The scallop border is punched out of Choc. Chip with the scallop border punch and then I scrunched it up so that it would curve. 

Wait, don't go yet!  I have a wonderful card to share with you that I received from my blogging buddy Dana

Isn't this gorgeous!!!  She must have seen my post with the hints to deal with abdominal surgery because her message is right on.  Thanks Dana!  You've made my day, and yes, I'll sleep with my socks on!


  1. I just love your Tea Party card and, especially, the story behind it!! You are blessed! Thanks for coming to the Tea Party, too!!!

  2. Well, I paid an educational visit to the Necco website this morning, so now I have some idea what all this is about :D. Those wafers look like the perfect shingles for a gingerbread house roof. But your bears look cuter.

  3. This is terrific Lorraine.. I loved your story.. Made me laugh.. The sweatsuit is a giggler.. I love the gingerbread you punched.. I so love the smell of it at Christmas time.. Great job. I have my image just have not had time to do it.. It involves clothing too..LOL

  4. Love the teddy bear card! Very cute idea!
    Sunshine xo


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