Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Teapot Tuesday 74

We have a hostess from Ireland this week - the very creative Sabrina  (aka cook22) has found a great bear teapot and has issued us a challenge to come up with some fierce bears and no arctic scenes.

I love this teapot.  The colors are wonderful and the pine cone motif is just so rustic.  I'm hoping that I don't get kicked out with my bear this week.  You see I'm going to visit a friend (as soon as I finish this post as a matter of fact) and I have a gift for her that needed a tag.  Well, I thought this might be good for the challenge today too....

My bear is not a teddy bear.  How do you know that?  Well teddy bear noses are round and this guy has a triangular nose which means he's either a brown bear or a baby grizzly.  I found a pine cone stamp by Magenta that I have had for years and used it for the wreath and for the fur on the bear's belly.

The sentiment and marshmallows come from an old SU set called Like it A Latte (I think?) and I hand drew the graham crackers. 

You see the gift I got her is one of those microwave smores devices that I saw on QVC last week and just had to have one of my own.  So I ordered it - they came in a package of two, thus the gift.  I have a sleeve of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars in the package for her also.

Now, I'm hoping that she's not going to see this before I get there!

Please take a look at the Teapot Gallery this week, and stop by Sabrina's blog.  She is a wonderful photographer and you will love looking at her gorgeous pictures!!!


  1. Even if he is a teddy bear, they were allowed come in disguise - and the pine stamping on him must be camouflage, which counts as disguise. I didn't know about triangular noses ;-).Love the little pine wreath and berries. Hope you and your card and gift arrived before this gave the game away.

  2. So cute! You are so creative Lorraine!

  3. This is adorable. It is perfect for the challenge. I bet she loved this. I have never seen those kits. What a fun gift. Great job.


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