Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Something That Speaks to You

And by thing I really do mean thing, not someone.  People speak all the time.  We have a choice to listen or not.  But other things can speak to us to.  You know, like the cookies that call your name in the grocery store when you walk down that aisle.  Again you can choose to listen or not.  My solution to that one - don't go down the cookie aisle.

Creatively there are things that speak to you too.   I encountered one on Saturday while shopping with my daughter.  We were in AC Moore (it only cost me a pair of shoes to get her there) and I couldn't help myself going down the scrapbook paper aisle.  Suddenly it was like being in the cookie aisle at the grocery store.  The paper was calling my name.  And I was resisting until, well, there was a paper that just called out to me and said New Year's........... 

Simple layout uses the Brand New Year stamp.  If you look closely you can see that I colored the champagne bubbles in the glass and mirrored them with the circles on the left panel.  And I covered the glass with Crystal Effects to make it look like real glass.  Nice and bright and bubbly. 

We're hosting New Year's Eve at our house this year.  We spend it each year with a group of friends we've had since high school.  This is not an invitation, because they've known since New Year's 2000 that we would be here in 10 years.  That year, since HWNSNBP's job may have been affected by Y2K we celebrated here and one of things we did was to create a time capsule that we said would be opened in 10 years.  Well this is the 10th year.  I bought this stamp just in case I didn't get all my Christmas cards done, but since I did, I decided to use it to let the group know what time and what to bring Thursday night.  I'm looking forward to a good time!

Another thing spoke to me today on my way to my cousin's house.  The sky.  The sunset was so vibrant and even these pictures that I took don't completely show the beauty that I saw. 

I grabbed my little Olympus camera which I keep in my purse and snapped a couple of pictures while driving.  Not a very smart thing I know, especially since the road runs along a canal, but I couldn't resist.  I knew that when I turned off that road I would have an unobstructed view if I pulled over so I did.  I hope the people that were passing me enjoyed the sunset as much as I did.  Funny thing, when I got to my cousin's house and told her that I had actually stopped to take pictures of the sunset, she told me she had been watching it through her kitchen window and it spoke to her too.  She ran outside with her camera and grabbed some pictures of her own.  I hope you find some beauty in them too!


  1. Love the invite. Very clever coloring the champagne bubbles.

  2. The time capsule sounds as if it will be interesting!
    That second sunset photo is really stunning, I would have wanted to pull in to admire it too. The bright light on the rim of the clouds is wonderful. Postcard perfect.


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