Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday's Throw Aways - Does Anyone Remember What Week?

I don't think we need the number, do you?  Just let me apologize for skipping the last couple of weeks.  Life's been getting in the way lately.  

In the mail a couple of weeks ago there was a black envelope (warning - picture is not good)

Something about that pre-made window just called out to me.  So I trimmed off the sides to make it as close to standard card size as possible, added some houndstooth dsp, some red cs and circles stamped from Circle Circus punched all the same size and here you go......

Then I took the left over pieces from the sides and cut the corners off to make triangles.  I added another larger stamped image to that triangle and made two corner bookmarks.

One envelope and three projects. 

(Psssssst.  Just wanted to say you don't need a black envelope to make those bookmarks, any envelope will do, and they make great little gifts to add to a card when you send them.)

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