Friday, December 11, 2009

Thursday's Throw Aways

Remember those little snowflake tag/cards I made last week (if not click here)?  I took the negative punch outs and got these. 

I started by taking the medium oval punch and lined up the center of one of the sides with the center of the center of the oval side.  Then slide the punch to the right about 1/4" leaving a frame for the snowflake.  Keep rotating the paper so you get all four sides.

You can use it as is in a project, or you can take one of the actual punched snowflakes and nestle it into the negative image as pictured below.  I put a dab of glue at both the top and the bottom to secure it.  Then I just gave it a loop of silver cording.  It makes a nice little 3-D ornament.


  1. That's so creative! I'd have just thown the negative bits away, I must admit. They look so dainty, and I love the way you used the oval punch.

  2. You always have GREAT throw aways :)


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