Monday, December 28, 2009

Teapot Tuesday 73 - We're Very Late (with a Thursday's Throw Away Too!)

Okay, Peggy (aka marilynprestonn) gave us a great challenge this, um last week.  Click here for the entire story.  We're visiting Mama Teeny (she's a mouse, yes she is!).  And here is the teapot from both sides:

(I have absolutely no idea why that first picture is so small!!!)

But you can see that Mama Teeny's house is all spruced up for a holiday tea party. 

I was going to bring the Christmas Mouse to the party, but that turned into a sad story.  You see last Tuesday, when the teapot challenge was posted I was at work.  There was a small commotion in the hallway outside the office and suddenly there was a teacher up on top of one of the chairs in the lobby.  That could only mean one thing - the Christmas Mouse had shown up at school. 

Well, lucky for us the custodian happened to be in the office at the time, so he went out into the lobby and the children showed him where the mouse was hiding.  He, the mouse, had climbed into a wooden base for one of our pillars of character and was trying to climb out.  The custodian gave him what he thought was a gentle boot back into the base of the column, but he didn't know his own strength.  The poor thing got a little smushed and not too long after that left this world for mouse heaven. 

I decided that being the Christmas Mouse he needed a proper burial in appropriate Christmas attire.

Yes, the custodian thinks I'm nuts - he's new and hasn't known me that long and doesn't realize that he's correct in his thinking yet. 

So, my little rodent friends have been in mourning this past week, and because of the funeral, which was held on Christmas Eve of all days, they are late because they are skating their way to the tea party.

Meet Trip and Fall (which is short for Autumn) - brother and sister squirrel who are quite clumsy and prone to, you guessed it - tripping and falling!  This could be another reason why they are late!

The ice they are skating on actually came from the inside of an envelope from a card that we received.  I love those foil liners - save them, they are great to repurpose.   The little mice are an A Muse stamp called Squirrelcapades that I picked up on vacation this summer and almost forgot about.  The trees are from SU's Patterned Pines and were leftover from a previous project (I don't think I posted that yet!).  I stamped the swirls in the sky with platinum shimmer paint and highlighted the torn edges of the snow and the large snowflacke with the white shimmer paint.  This card is really much prettier in person (if you like squirrels, that is)!

My apologies to Peggy for arriving to the party so late.  I blame it on the crazy squirrels and my crazy family!


  1. So which was the throw-away -the mouse or the foil liner :D.
    I like squirrels - C is always telling me they are rodents, just like mice, but I love seeing them in the park and the Botanic Gardens, and hearing them chitter away. Hard to imagine them being clumsy enough to trip and fall, but that would surely account for this pair being late. It's a beautiful winter scene you've made there for them - they'd better watch out they don't fall again on that ice, it looks mighty slippery.

  2. Awww, well I guess condolences are in order. I am so sorry about the little Christmas mouse passing right on Christmas eve for all days.

    I am so glad you got him a proper burial and also that you finally made it to the party. I just saw your amazingly sweet card tonight! Lorraine, I really enjoy your creations and your nuttienest, it's the best.

    Hugs, kindly, Peggy


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