Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Rose

I looked up at the garden this morning and something pink caught my eye.  Pink is not a garden color for December.  The fact that it was near the rose bush made me wonder if it could, at all, be a rose.  So I moseyed up there with the camera and found not one, but two roses.  One was up high and partially opened and unfortunately the picture came out all fuzzy.  Lower, I found this.....

The rose itself appears to have a fuzzy texture, but I could smell it's fragrance.  So I picked both of them and brought them into the house.  I will let you know if this one does, in fact, bloom. 

If I hadn't been home, I'm sure I would have missed this treat. 


  1. Oh my gosh how can that be... It is lovely.. If I had my choice my entire yard would be a rose garden.. They don't grow too well in the south.. Beautiful picture. Gave me warm "fuzzies"

  2. Hi Lorraine!

    I was so tickled to see you on my blog! Yikes...I am so out of the loop!

    OMG! You and your photography! How can this be? It must be something special just for you, to brighten your day and now to brighten mine! Such amazing color and at this time of year! Its awesome! I am so glad you came upon it, it was there for you!

    Hugs girlfriend! I'll be back! I just know it! Snugs!

  3. Oh! So pretty & in my favourite colour too!
    Can't wait to know if it flowers!
    Here in NZ it is rose flowering time & there are some gorgeous ones downat my local sholling mall.
    I have two roses bushes (rambling) in my garden that are flowering right now:-)
    Hugs from Sunshine NZ


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