Saturday, May 2, 2015

Time, Animals, and Using Up Scraps

My April mail art desk calendar.  The catalogs are piling in now as we near the end of the school year and approaching, at least for us, the time to put together orders for the next year.  Yeah, there's cows in there - we don't order cows, but we do order cow eyes, believe it or not!  The 5th grade science curriculum includes dissecting a cow eye.  Most of the other squares are from art supply cattys.

Below - On our latest excursion to IKEA I picked up a couple of these  3-1/2" square 99 cent battery operated clocks.  Then I tangled the front of this one and placed it on my counter at work where the students and visitors sign in.  There is a clock on the wall behind me, but most people can't seem to find it (or are too lazy to look) and ask what time it is.  I was also glad it wasn't digital, so the students can still hone their skills at telling time.  This was pretty easy to do with a fine point Sharpie marker but I refrained from adding any pencil shading at this time.  I might go back and do that and then seal it with a spray sealer.  

Speaking of IKEA.  I had to snap a picture of this logo on the back of a truck as we were waiting to make the turn into the IKEA complex in Elizabeth.  Just for fun. 

And I forgot to post a picture of this dove that we saw at one of the houses along our garage sale route last weekend.  The owners of the house had it sitting in a large plastic container in their driveway and told us that they had found it injured in their backyard this past fall and nursed it back to health, and although it could no longer fly, it got around pretty well in their house.  Poor thing must have been attacked by something and had wing damage in addition to the loss of one toe.

Cleaning up some projects and using up some scraps the last week in April I came across this frame and paper flowers I had recently purchased at Michael's and 

threw them together for a little giftie.

And then used the leftover flowers as a starting point for this card. I stuck them to part of a Panera to-go cup holder.  (Theirs are quilted not corrugated like most other's I've seen.) And I used a couple of new (old) flower dies and the wooden laser cut bird also.  I think this might be a Mother's Day card.

There were some of these die cuts that kept jumping into my work space screaming "use me! use me!" (falling off the pile is more like it) so I decided to punish them and glue them to some scrap book paper and make them into a card.  This one will go into the card box for use in the future. 

It was my goal this April to reuse and recycle what I could in most of my projects and I think I did pretty well with that.  Of course, I'll continue to do that throughout the year.  Now if I could just use it up as fast as it collects.................


  1. Fun stuff! Love those "Day of the Dead" skeletons on your calendar!
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. I like all the birds in the calendar, maybe the owl most of all.
    The crocodile on the container made me smile :D.
    We had a rescue seagull whom we kept outdoors for a summer and were able to release back into the wild, but we had a jackdaw in the house for years and years - lucky pigeon to have found a happy home.


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