Monday, May 11, 2015

Violets in the Driveway

 I took pencils to paper this afternoon to give the photo I showed recently of the crack in my driveway another life.

I do really love those confederate violets.  After my walk this evening I took a little look around at what was blooming and thought later that I should have taken pictures - maybe tomorrow.  It was getting late and the light was quickly waning.  

I know I will be frustrated at all the weeds though.  HWNSNBP has offered to do some weeding IF I stand nearby and tell him what's a weed and what isn't.  Um, yeah, no.  We'll have to work out some other system because the weeds are beginning to overtake some of the beds already.

Here's another view of the photo from the other day.  I'm thinking my drawing needs a little more color in the driveway - what do you think?


  1. It's surprising that the violets took a foothold in a crack in the driveway. Beautifully tenacious...
    Isn't drawing fun?! Way to go, Lorraine!

  2. I had your previous post open to comment on yesterday, and then started having all sorts of internet connection problems. I wouldn't change your drawing in the least bit! You've given great texture to your "stone" background. Lovely drawing, lovely photo. It reminds me of the limestone areas of the Burren over in the west.

  3. Soooooo gorgeous!!!! I love it!!!!!


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