Friday, May 15, 2015

Purple Wedding, Robins, and Oranges

Rachel was recently in the wedding party of a college friend.  She asked me to create a wedding card and told me that the bride's colors were purple and ivory.  I had a this card by Anja Curvers pinned on my Pinterest card board and added my own touches to it. 

I used my SU hearts embossing folder, added a lace band with a purple twine bow, and the little heart that says "Mr. & Mrs.".  And there are two layers of purple cardstock. 

Inside, since the card base was a dark one, I die cut a heart a little larger that the one on the front from the Very Vanilla cs for the message.

I haven't been spending as much time in the stamp cave and I would like.  Still doing therapy for my neck and arm twice a week.  I've mostly been catching up on my Zentangle calendar and working on a couple of upcoming projects.  My neck is starting to feel a little better so I should be getting back in the creative swing soon.  (Keep your fingers crossed. I would, but then with my luck I might hurt myself!)

Our custodian confirmed something that I thought was going on in our holly bush outside the front of the school.  There is a bird nest in there.  And there are babies!  These are robin babies determined by several clues.  1) A blue eggshell half was found in front of the other secretaries car parked not too far from this bush.  2) We watched a robin searching for bugs in the grass and stepped back far enough and waited long enough to see the robin fly into the chirping bush.  Yes, they are loud when they are hungry.  And it looks like they don't mind having their picture taken even though they are very well hidden in that bush.  (Just look at those spiny leaves!)

And one last photo for today.  I was thinking of taking up juggling. No, well yes, I would someday like to learn to juggle, but these oranges were brought to me by one of our cafeteria aides this afternoon.  She had at least a dozen in a basket.  Oranges and other things like cheese sticks, cartons of milk, other fruit that she rescued from going in the trash at lunch time.  She and the other cafeteria aides had seen, for many years now, the amount of food - good food - untouched food - that the students THROW AWAY every day after lunch.  So she started putting a basket out and tried to encourage the students to add to the basket instead of the garbage can.  You should see how much she saves from the landfill.

I'm waning fast this evening so I'll be on my merry way.  Please come back to visit soon.

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  1. The lattice behind the heart aperture is very effective - that's one classy card. And oh my, those little babies are sweet. I can believe the noise, it's amazing how much sound small birds can produce. Are there four, I think I see that many, and I feel that's a bigger clutch than our robins produce.


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