Monday, May 4, 2015

The Big Catch and April Tangles

Yes, it's the happy fisherman....... finally!  He hooked an 11.5 lb., 30" bluefish in the surf on LBI Saturday morning.  I'm very happy that he is getting out there and fishing again after a long winter and shortened summer last year because of all my difficulties.  He filleted and cut up the fish and we took it to a friend who will smoke it. I'm told that bluefish of this size are very fishy tasting and if you smoke it, the meat becomes mellower.  

Now on to the April tangles.

April 1 - Equerre (Genevieve Crabbe)

April 2 - Afterglo (Carole Ohl)
April 3 - Box It Up (Alice Hendon)
April 4 - Mop (Damy)
Apil 5 - Loop (Amelie Liao)

April 6 - 'Brella (Frances Wright)
April 7  - Cloudfall (Lily Moon)
April 8 - Well-Mooka-Z (Sharyn Penna) this came out a mess!

April 9 - Hurray! (Agneta Landegren)
April 10 - Qian-long (Diane Tai)
April 11 - Rouche (Rose Brown)
April 12 - Farling (Deb Eichorn)

April 13 - Swells (Jennifer Hohensteiner)
April 14 - Scallops (Suzanne McNeil)
April 15 - Intwine (Helena Hadzijaneva)

April 16 - Daggerly (Carole Ohl)
April 17 - Ovy (Adam Roades)
April 18 - Paki (Lori Byerly)
April 19 - Vivi (Hsin-Ya Hsu)

April 20 - Kloorz (Sue Zanker)
April 21 - Zonked (Barbara Finwall)
April 22 - Gottago (Lianne Woods)

April 23 - BB (Official Zentangle)
April 24 - Mysteria (Official Zentangle)
April 25 - Pepper (Official Zentangle)
April 26 - Frondous (Official Zentangle)

April 27 - Signalz (Bev Ripps)
April 28 - Kitl (Jem Miller)
April 29 - O (Damy)

April 30 - Pea-Fea (Amelie Liao)

I've included the names of the tangles along with their creator's names (or those that had the step outs).  If you google their names (the tangle or the artist) I'm sure you can find more information.

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  1. That IS a big catch! Home smoked fish, what a treat that will be. At one stage my parents had a Dutch couple living nearby, Leo used to go fishing for mackerel and smoked them himself, very tasty.
    I really like the Anzac day one, it reminds me a bit of jellyfish.


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