Monday, May 25, 2015

Aboard the Nina and Pinta

On Saturday we took a ride to Viking Village in Barnegat Light to see the replicas of the Nina and the Pinta that were docked there over the weekend.

There was no good opportunity to take a picture of the full profile of the ships, but we were able to board each one and inside there were displays and information regarding Columbus, the ships, and the crew.  They even had help-wanted signs for people who wanted to be part of the current crew.

We weren't allowed below but there was information on what was under our feet.

Navigational tools - this one reminded me of a cribbage board.

It's called a Traverse Board

and closer......

Another called a Quadrant....

The opening in the front of the ship for the tiller which predates a ships steering wheel.

And other cool things hanging about.......

Telling us what more is below...........

And a little explanation about symbols that might have been used.

It was a gorgeous day - a bit chilly but sunny and breezy and relaxing.

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  1. How fascinating. The photos of the knots are especially beautiful - I suppose I should be calling them sheets? Is that the nautical word for a tied knot as opposed to a speed knot? Your photos remind me of when we went to the Maritime Museum in Barcelona - those old wooden ships really are amazing.


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