Saturday, May 30, 2015

Antiques Inside and Out

There's a stretch of little shops in Viking Village and this little antique/gift shop is among them.  I find that antique stores are not always the best lit places and this one was no exception relying a lot on the limited amount of outdoor light through the windows.  Still there were some very colorful (and clever) vignettes that caught my eye.

Some felt ornaments and sealife toys.  

Old sand pails.  (I've often seen these in shore-related magazines but never seen them in any stores so this was a treat.  They are not inexpensive!)

Old carnival/boardwalk games and whatnot.

This Bingo spinner was pretty unique I thought.

I couldn't resist taking pictures of these letters as they are the initials of the name of the school that I work in.  (Can't get away from it it seems!)

This colorful rooster was guarding the sidewalk.

And in front of one of the other shops was this sign.......................


  1. Fun stuff! Not a bad idea . . . for mean people. :) Love those sand pails and felted ornaments!

  2. Those ornaments are fabulous! I love the octopus, and the detailing of the scales on the merman's tail is amazing.

  3. So many cute items! Love those sand pails.

  4. What a great shore-themed store -- I love the pails and the bingo spinner!


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